About us

5QEE is a news channel that provides scores, player and team news, sports videos, rumors, statistics, schedules, etc., in one place.

The site watches from the sidelines of your favorite leagues, focusing on statistics and breaking news. But this is not just about sports-we cover general business news and entertainment news and occasionally talking about what is happening in the world.
5QEE was founded by the same person who brought you the popular Stay With It podcast! If you like technology or gaming startups, strategy games, or anything that falls into the category of entertainment, then you will find something interesting on 5QEE.

5QEE is a comprehensive sports news source covering NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR. The website provides scores, player and team news, schedules, rankings, related videos, and more.
We are committed to providing reliable and up-to-date sports news for all your gambling needs. Our team is always looking for new ways to create great content for our users.

After working in the gaming industry for many years, we realized that there is still much room for improvement in sports reporting. It doesn’t have to be traditional reportage or even Bloomberg-level analysis; simple (or better) sources and concise abstracts are enough!

5QEE was created as an outlet to provide high-quality sports content without sifting through the filler for hours before obtaining juicy gold nuggets. We hope that 5QEE will provide readers with the information they can trust while providing entertainment during their downtime.