Tchia: Learn How to Control a Tire and Transfer Your Soul with New Gameplay Videos

Tchia: Learn How to Control a Tire and Transfer Your Soul with New Gameplay Videos


The launch of Chia is expected for March 21 on PC, PS5 and PS4.

Having actually come to be hype for a couple of months, Chia enjoys finding back with new gameplay video clips, in order to clarify specific game mechanics that enable him to differentiate himself from others.
The transfer of spirit for instance, which permits to take control of animals (around thirty in total amount), however also of items which are close to it.
Aesthetically, this translates right into her left eye that starts to beam and also authorizes her to pick the component of which she wants to take control.
It is sensible for trips, yet additionally in fight, like these lights that we can after that catapult over enemies, before resuming its initial human type.
Obviously, in the body of animals, it is feasible to make use of their unique capabilities, such as the possibility of flying, swimming, creeping discreetly in the nose and also the beard of the opponents, excavating holes, and so on.

The 2nd video emphasizes exactly how to nail open globe, and also like a Zelda Breath of bush, Chia has the ability to climb up everywhere, given you handle her endurance gauge.

One more aspect taken from Nintendo’s game is this well-known para voile that our young girl can deploy at any moment, especially when she starts to slide along a slope to obtain speed.
The fruits that we will discover will certainly boost the endurance gauge, which will certainly likewise force us to make a lot of exploration.
It is also through this that we will certainly be able to uncover New Caledonia.

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