Discover How to Navigate the Labyrinth of Lower Hogsfield in Hogwarts Legacy

Discover How to Navigate the Labyrinth of Lower Hogsfield in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has many side effects scattered on the map, including the mysterious labyrinth of Lower Hogs field.
That’s all you need to know in order to go through a magical maze and what treasures you will receive as a reward for the decision of the puzzle.

Heritage Hogwarts Labyrinth Solution from Lower Hogs field

Finding a high gate from the branches of a tree in Ninny Hogs field, go through them to call for a hedge.
Now inside the labyrinth, follow the path around the corner to get to you to a fork.
Take the first on the left that you see, then take the right and turn around the corner.
Turn to the right at the first turn on your current path, and then take the next right once again.
Finally, take the third and last right to find in the legendary chest.
The opening of production will complete the riddle of the maze.
Hogs field’s lower maze of hezgorodi is located in the south of Hogwarts Castle, and it can be found to the west of the quest Heritage of Hogwarts: Lost astrolabes.
The hedge labyrinth will not initially appear in the upper world, as you first need to go through the high gates from the branches of trees.


After you enter on the one hand of an extensive arch, a labyrinth will magically arise around you.
We have heard a lot about the fact that this Hedge Maze task is not displayed for some players.
In my passage, I managed to find this lesson in the fall.
However, in another preservation, he no longer appeared in the winter.
It was also suggested that the labyrinth could be buggy if you have already completed certain side quests.

If you do not see it on your map, try first to go through other labyrinths from the hedge and continue to double-check the area as the story passes.
To obtain additional information about the Hogwarts Heritage, read all the icons of the Hogwarts Heritage, described here in the game guidelines for professionals.

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