Atletico Madrid Beats Celta Vigo 1-0 as Depays Tor Ensures Late Victory

Atletico Madrid Beats Celta Vigo 1-0 as Depays Tor Ensures Late Victory

The video game was nearly over, a lot promoted a goalless draw, the 2nd attract series after the 1-1 against FC Getafe for Atlético.
But then Carrasco dominated and newbie Delay dusted technically demanding in the end.
A lovely objective in joy after the course of the game.


Atlético at the front harmless

In the long really torn and low-chance game, Atlético had heard the first opportunity (2nd), but considerably saved keeper Villa against the Morita standing in the offside.
Little taken place for a very long time.
CELTA Vigo hardly permitted anything, Atlético was unimaginative.
It was only after the change of sides and the next parade against Morita (47th) did a more chance to play develop.

Slavic sees red, Black Rettet-Igo Spas hits the latte

From the perspective of the Rojiblancos, this was not a great aspect.
His group was saved once again due to the fact that the Mad riders got a lot to do in the back.
Regardless of whether IAGO Spas (57th, with this shot, Black bathed his mistake), Perez (75th) or Reinaldo, to whom almost an own objective would have weakened (86. ): They did not find them past the strong goalkeeper.
And so it happened as frequently at Atlético: the absolute no at the back, despite the fact that Slavic Red had seen the last man against Sclerotic (70th) and Iago Spas hammered the free kick on the latte (73. ).
In the front, the Someone group eventually hit ice-cold (89. ).
Due to the flattering success, Atlético has only one point less on the account than the third Genuine Societal San Sebastián.

The house game versus Athletic Bilbao will be showing up on Friday from 6.30 p.m.

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