1-2 Defeat for Mannheimers at SV Waldhof Match: You Will Be Ashamed of it!

1-2 Defeat for Mannheimers at SV Waldhof Match: You Will Be Ashamed of it!

In the end there was a 1-2 defeat for the Mannheimer in the Coach after SV Waldo combated a real battle with the ore mountains, but in the end lost completely deservedly.
The bitter aftertaste was that the SVW was not awarded a very clear penalty.
Since of not given a marketer acidic, ## Earhart
After a corner of the Mannheimer, AUE’s left wing Marvin Stefania concerned the ball with both hands in his own penalty area and actually carried the ball in the style of a beach ball gamer before he defused the scenario.


Referee Tobias Schultz completely neglected this totally undisputed circumstance and let the SVW to be irritated and above all from Mannheim’s head coach Christian Earhart: I only informed the referee: Tobias, if you don’t see that, you honestly enjoy this yourself
see, then you will be ashamed of it, said the local of Braunschweig, after the game at Magenta sport, clearly and hung that he didn’t wish to state anything about it, however then said something.
Another clearer penalty would be if you caught the important things in the sixteen.
Earhart did not wish to identify the defeat of his team on this incorrect decision, but rather discovered over-clear words in relation to the performance of his group: If you believe you have to do a little less in the league. Before the video game about the top of the table and the entire thing
You need to look that you do your homework each week.

More balm: Earhart sees his group in the bring debt

After the penalty not offered, it looked as if somebody had actually pulled the plug the offensive of the Waldo.
Just Laurent Jan’s triggered some objective in the 6th minute of added time.
One could not manage to do a little less than in the very first half, in which the Mannheim still caused significantly more pressure and developed a much greater urge to offend than it held true in the 2nd 45 minutes.

We need to bring in more salaries, then you can speak about other things. And if you do not handle that, we don’t need to discuss anything, warned the 54-year-old.
After the unsuccessful look in AUE, SV Waldo Mannheim on February 18 from 2 p.m. with SV Happen against another highly at threat of relegation.
The home table leads.

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