WOW: Blizzards Kills Feature Hust in Patch 6.1 from Warlords of Draenor

WOW: Blizzards Kills Feature Hust in Patch 6.1 from Warlords of Draenor

When it comes to the worst material patches of the history of World of Warcraft, spot 6.1 of the Warlords of Drano growth is definitely at the forefront.
Instead of brand-new endgame content such as dungeons, raid circumstances and even a fresh zone loaded with missions, the highlights of the first big upgrade from WON read as follows:
New character models for blood elves
New introduction for heirlooms
Intro of the selfie camera
Twitter integration
Not exactly the fabric from which the WoW fan dreams are?

Blizzard Kill Twitter integration.


In the main spot notes Blizzard, the Twitter combination marketed at the time as follows:
Players can now send tweets with objects, successes and screenshots from the game customer by utilizing the command/ communication.
This feature can be activated in the alternatives for socializing in the interface menu, through which a Twitter account can likewise be added, activated or gotten rid of.
The function of all WOW gamers was offered for nearly 8 years.

It was obviously seldom utilized.
Now it is clear: the next birthday will not experience the feature.
In WoW’s main online forum, Neighborhood Manager Kiev revealed the end of the Twitter integration:
In the course of the next two days we make changes to World of Warcraft (Buy now) ® that get rid of the game function for incorporated items on Twitter ®. After this small update, the function of publishing messages on Twitter within the video game,
No longer available and the settings that conserve your login data from Twitter will no longer appear. No actions are required from the gamer side.
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