How To Build Your Own Christmas Traditions In The Sims 4

How To Build Your Own Christmas Traditions In The Sims 4

Your Sims can celebrate Christmas holidays with Sims 4 Seasons EP.
The predetermined holidays are fine, but did you know that you can customize them and even add your own?
Here is everything you need to know about adding, eliminating and customizing holidays in the Sims 4.

Starting Christmas traditions with the domestic calendar in the Sims 4

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The domestic calendar, located near the phone icon, is where you can find every holiday and events of your Sims.
The expansion of the stations adds important holidays to the calendar, including the harvest festival, the Winter Festival, the Day of Love and New Year’s Day.
Minor holidays such as reimbursement day, the day of speaking as a pirate and the premieres of the television season also appear occasionally.
Click on the home calendar to see the holidays and events of that day.


If you want to eliminate a holiday from the domestic calendar, click on the Delete icon.

How to add new holidays and customize existing ones

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Instead of eliminating holidays, you can also customize existing ones from the domestic calendar.
For example, romance is not a large part of my way of playing, so the predetermined traditions of the day of love of going to an appointment and giving flowers to someone are usually quite irrelevant to my sims.
Instead of failing the day of love every time it is presented or eliminated completely, I have replaced those traditions with more relevant ones.
To do this, select the holiday you want to edit on the domestic calendar, then click the pencil icon to open the Edit Holiday Panel.
From there, you can change the thematic decoration of that holiday, if the Sims have the day off at work or at school, and what traditions are associated with it.
Click any tradition that does not want to eliminate and add others from the menu below.
Instead of hurrying to find an appointment or ask for flowers at the last minute, my sims now watch romantic television and drink with their friends (or alone) on love day. If you don’t like the winter father, you can replace it with a Menorah
or Kiara.
You can even add new vacations in the same way!
Simply click on an empty day in the home calendar, click Add holiday and choose the traditions you want to include.
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