Pokemon Announces New Series Of Shows: Pokemon Annie

Pokemon Announces New Series Of Shows: Pokemon Annie

Pokémon TV animation has been around the main character Jim since 1997.
Jim’s story, who won the Pokémon Masters Tournament, ends with 11 episodes.

Pokémon Co., Ltd. announced on the 16th, foretelling Jim’s special episode collection and unveiled a new Pokémon animation series in 2023.

Pokémon (Pokémon W) will broadcast a special episode, ‘The Blue Sky’ on the 23rd.
The episode, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of the animation Pokémon series, will capture a special day with Pikachu with the emergence of the rocket.

From January 13, 2023, after a break, Jim will be aired with Pokémon, where JSU travels with Pikachu and has a variety of people and Pokémon.

With the last episode of Pokémon, which is a double protagonist system with You, the 11 episodes will be the last Pokémon animation with Jim as the main character.

Pokémon Co., Ltd. introduced that ‘Pokémon Pokémon Master’ will be a glimpse of what will happen to Jim’s journey and the future.

A new video about the Pokémon New series has also been released.
In this series, two main characters, including Rico and Roy, will lead the play.
In the video, the two main characters were drawn with NASA, Tea, and Cu wax.
As the latest game, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s starting Pokémon appears, will be based on the series.

The animation Pokémon, which started in 1997 based on the game Pokémon Red & Green, has been loved for a long time for the appearance of various Pokémon and interesting journey.
In particular, with the new Pokémon and the new regions, the animation also added various Pokémon and the characters in the game.

However, unlike the game where the main character changes every series, the animation has been developed as the main character.


Pokémon (Pokémon W), the seventh animation series, also appeared as a new hero, but Erupt has been steadily dragged as a co-main character.

However, there were many speculations that this work would be the last story of Jim.
There was also an analysis that the subtitle was removed from the introduction of the co-main system mentioned above, and the name ‘Pokémon’ was left only by the name ‘Pokémon’.

In particular, Jim, who became the first Flora League champion in the last series, won the World Championship Masters Tournament, the world’s strongest Pokémon trainer.
The story of Han Milieu, the protagonist who was the highest, was also closed.
In addition, it is also interesting to see how Jim, who became a champion, will appear again in his work as the existing anime fan has a love with Jim.

The Pokémon TV animation team said in a statement that there were fans who had no support for Jim and Pikachu’s adventures and growth.
He also asked for expectations for the new TV series and vowed to make a story of Pokémon full of dreams and adventures.

The new Pokémon Animation series, like the 7th, has been released only the logo called ‘Pokémon’, which has no subtitle, and will be aired in April 2023 with the new hero.

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