Should I buy it? Steam Deck? Real User + Super Simple Essential Tips. There were several hardware developments, but did

Should I buy it? Steam Deck? Real User + Super Simple Essential Tips. There were several hardware developments, but did

There were several hardware developments, but did there have been a device of the valve that was so successful?
No, Steam Deck has achieved great results in the UPC market by carrying a huge platform called ‘Steam’.
Steam Deck beats a lot of games and made a name at the top of the steam sales rankings, and was first called the hardware of the year at the main game awards.

So 10 months have passed.
Starting with delivery on December 17, it is now possible to officially meet Steam Deck in Korea.
However, many have not gathered enough information about what you can do with the steam deck, how the game life will change, and how it can be used.

As the launch itself was made early, the device’s build and the impression of the appearance will be taken away for a while.
Now, for those who have had the steam decks in their hands, and for those who have not yet decided to buy, they gathered the essential information that had been used for a long time and those who were just steam deck users.
Based on the latest versions of various updates.
And using this, you can learn more advanced ways.

Users who are worried about whether to buy Steam Deck or how to write well, you can put ‘ㅇㄷ’ here.

-Steam deck, whether to live, Real use (press it to the corresponding section)
┕ 1.
Steam Deck, will I use a lot of buys?
┕ 2.
Is it big and heavy?
If you listen to it yourself, ‘portable’
┕ 3.
The secret to driving AAA game is resolution and FSR
┕ 4.
If you get used to it, you’ll be comfortable with the trackpad, but you can refrain from real time
┕ 5.
How long will it take up to 0%battery?
┕ 6.
How many steam games have you before?
┕ 7.
Linux-based Steam OS, there are so many games
┕ 8.
The capacity is required, but the expansion is required.
┕ 9.
Herbs are essential without genuine poison

-Steam decks better use tips
┕ A. Steam OS FSR activation and 40fps synchronization
┕ B. Desktop mode gets used to
┕ C. Increase compatibility with Proton GE
┕ D. Unnecessary files, the name is clearly erased
┕ E. Steam Deck also increases the use of plug-in

Steam Deck, will I use a lot of buys?

As it was made with the situation of portable, Steam Deck had a relatively low specification compared to PCs for battery efficiency.


After all, if you have the latest consoles such as high-end PCs or PS5, Xbox Series X, you think ‘Steam Deck?’
Personally, I prepared PS5 and XSX early, and the graphics card also had a hard time playing games at 4K resolution.
However, Steam Deck certainly had a different point of use.

The key is how to play games.
Even the same PC game overwhelms the advantages of enjoying the experience without being constrained by space on a small screen.
This is not limited to ‘playing steam games outside the house’ when going out.

When the save file of the game that was enjoyed on a PC automatically linked and flies with the steam deck, it is a new game space.
If you look at your parents, you can enjoy the game in a blanket without a computer, and if you have a lot of families, you can give you a PC at any time.
If you are working in front of your PC all day, you can leave the desk for the game.

But most of all, you can lie down and play PC games.
Of course, you can use it in a space where you can sit and move like a subway or bus.

In the case of both consoles, you can enjoy exclusive games in your hands through streaming play without delay in the same network.
In fact, the play of ‘God of War Ragnarök’ played with Steam Deck’s remote as much as it was played directly in the PS5.

If you are not a favorite player or a game-oriented game that must be enjoyed by a high-end monitor TV with a large resolution monitor TV, Steam Deck can be used in any way and use it.
On the contrary, if you enjoy high quality games for a long time in your seat, it’s better to upgrade your desktop.

However, there is no way for Nintendo Switch exclusive games, so you have no choice but to take out the switch when you enjoy this game.
(△ for the first time)

Is it big and heavy?
If you listen to it yourself, ‘portable’

Steam decks have been noted for various reasons, whether the hardware or portable PC of the valve, but the biggest topic is that the size and weight are tremendously.
And these two parts have been steadily pointed out that they will be the weaknesses of the Steam Deck until the launch.

The 669g Steam Deck weight is only 120g from twice the basic Nintendo Switch basic model equipped with Joy.
The size is also large enough to have a few fingers compared to other portable games, as well as other small Umps.

The portable process of carrying steam decks is not portable.
It’s a huge size, but the size of a dedicated guide pouch is also filled with more than half of the backpack.
However, if you have this large device in your own hands, the story is different.

Steam decks are hard to feel that the weight and size are inconvenient to play during gameplay.
The grip part is quite generously available.
In addition, unlike smartphones or tablet devices that can only be stuck on the wrist, the weight is distributed exactly with both hands, so the weight of the weight can be played less.

The weight itself is not light.
Steam Deck is definitely a heavy device.
Instead, depending on the thumb, index finger, and play, the grip part was made quite large so that the remaining fingers could endure enough weight.
Unlike the game consoles that emphasize portability, there is a space to lean your fingers, so you can feel less weight and stable device.

It’s light in a stable situation, so I don’t want to play with a steam deck over my head in a sleepy situation.
If you drop it wrong, you may really say goodbye to the front teeth.

Meanwhile, the operating unit is also connected to the cooling system of the device.
The chip is stacked back to the back of the screen, and the temperature rises quite high.
And the cooling system for cooling this temperature is also concentrated in the central part.
There is a distance from the manipulator that holds the hand, and it is rarely felt during the play because it does not reach the hand.

(△ for the first time)

The secret to driving AAA game is resolution and FSR

Valve cited the best strength of the Steam Deck, which has been optimized in cooperation with AMD.
As a result, it was possible to run high-end games in portable and to capture battery efficiency compared to specifications.
However, no matter how powerful the performance is, it is difficult to remove the modifier of ‘portable’ in front of it.

It is difficult to establish a customized processor to talk about the performance that matches the PC and mobile processors, but the graphics performance of 1.6TFLOPS is shown.
The Xbox Series S (not x) is only 4TFLOPS on the next generation console, so it is not a good performance for high-end games.

But the experience of actual play is different.
Many who have measured the device performance lists the driving levels of the Elden Ring and Red Dead Redemption 2, which are considered high-end games, and have already seen a 30FPS-oriented game experience sharing.

In fact, many games, which are considered AAA, can be played in a sufficient level of frame.
If you compromise the options more aggressively, you can catch a higher level of frame.
This implementation of play is related to the low resolution of the device.
Many Umps recently released have introduced the device based on 1080p resolution.
In the case of PCs, the FHD resolution, which is 1080p, is the lowest level, and higher resolutions are shown in the gaming monitor market higher than 1440p and 4K.

In high resolutions, of course, higher computational processing is required, and the device performance is naturally falling.
Steam Deck, on the other hand, is able to implement relatively high-end games in a high-second frame by spraying a game screen at a low resolution of 1280×800.

The FSR (Fidelity Super Resolution) can be used to reduce the resolution more extremely to bring the frame.
The FSR is a technology that makes the rendering itself a low resolution like NVIDIA’s DLSS and upscale at high resolution.
It is easy to explain and create a game screen to 540p and show it to 800P, the steam deck resolution.
In the upscale process, the screen is crushed or the details of the details are technically complemented.
The operation itself is low, and the player makes it difficult to notice the low resolution.

Many AAA games support the FSR in the game itself, but there are many games that do not.
Steam Deck supports its own FSR in Steam OS.
If the game does not support it, you can activate the FSR through the fast setting.
In a few buttons manipulations, you can activate any game, which is an updated element since the launch of the Steam Deck.
In fact, Steam Deck adds a number of ways to improve performance in the OS in addition to trying to increase the execution of the game.
The game execution ability is further developed with constant management.

However, high-end games based on the next-generation console may be overwhelming in Steam Deck.
And if these next-generation console-oriented games give up the optimization of low PC specifications, Steam Deck will not be easy.

(△ for the first time)

If you get used to it, you’ll be comfortable with the trackpad, but you can refrain from real time

Steam Deck’s trackpad, which is similar to the steam controller, takes a variety of roles depending on the setting.
Basically, it is used to manipulate the screen in 3D games, the same as the analog stick, and in a game that needs a mouse, it is used as a trackpad that manipulates the mouse.

The trackpad is definitely one of the different parts, depending on the size of the individual’s fingers and sensitivity reactions, like a real mouse.
So, you don’t usually have to change the settings that are provided by default, but it’s a good idea to adjust the sensitivity of the trackpad directly to enjoy the game.

The trackpad has a fine haptic vibration, and when it is moved, the luxurious vibration is transmitted to the fingertips.
It is done.

Especially in the case of Steam Deck, the screen touch is very unfortunate, and it is necessary to get used to the trackpad to overcome the shortcomings.

Trackpads can also set different keys in four directions in addition to simply mouse roles.
In a game that requires a lot of buttons with four rear backs, it can also fill the diverse with the height and use it as a shortcut.

If you are used to the trackpad, you can play a simple strategy game or mouse-based game.
The valve considers the controller support as one of the important factors in checking the degree of steam deck compatibility.

However, there is a video that plays a game that requires fast mouse operation in real time, such as RTS on video sites, as a steam deck controller.
Fingers are torn.

▲ There is something like this, but I shouldn’t do it
(△ for the first time)

How long will it take up to 0%battery?

I tried to use the Steam Deck for quite some time and try to check the battery time in various ways, but as many people expected before purchasing, I can’t talk about how long the battery lasts.
Steam Deck’s battery time varies so much depending on the driving game and options than any portable device.

If you create a situation close to the limit and draw the minimum time and maximum usage time, you can enjoy the game for three or four hours long between 1 and 2 hours.
And even in the same high-end game, the battery consumption varies greatly depending on the situation.

Basically, the battery time of Steam Deck is greatly affected by the frame.
Whether it’s implemented to 800P, the maximum resolution, option compromise, or set the FSR is different, the battery consumption doesn’t change much.
However, if you have a high frame per second, you can turn on the vertical synchronization option (V-SYNC) to reduce power consumption as much as it is not turned on.
If you fix a game between 60 frames and 30 frames, it may show more than 50% of power efficiency.
On the contrary, games like Cyberpunk 2077, with high demand specifications, cannot exceed 30 frames, are difficult to see frame limitations.

In addition, the player can restrict the watt and the GPU clock by slide.
If a game with low required specifications can be adjusted to reduce power consumption by adjusting this slider to optimized for the game.
In other words, depending on the game, the AAA game can be enjoyed for nearly 3 hours, and on the contrary, if you solve all the limitations, the game play time will be less than you can play.

These settings can be easily checked through the performance overlay provided by Steam Deck by default without a separate external app.
You can also check the amount of power from the frame, power consumption, RAM, and V RAM.

In addition to hardware settings, software support has also been added, which can reduce overall power consumption through VRS.
VRS is a technology that intentionally reduces the number of pixels by section.
At the point of view of the player, it reduces battery consumption by reducing the operational energy of an object that is noticeable or distant, which can be set to the game on its own on Steam Deck like the Steam OS FSR.

Unless you play AAA games with the highest performance without a secondary battery, the battery shortage problem will be solved at a compromise level.
(△ for the first time)

How many steam games have you before?

There is no such game platform, but the game purchasing pattern is completely different for each user in steam where various games are serviced, regardless of large publishers and indie game companies.
There are some users who buy as if they collect hundreds of games, and some people only enjoy partial paid multiplayer games.
And this steam purchasing pattern soon connects the valve to the price of the steam deck.

Prior to launch, Steam Deck’s cost-effectiveness was relatively compliance with a lower price than other Umps.
It is important in the revenue, but the real value of Steam Deck, which the valve claims and actually used for several months, is the more important part of the steam library.

Normally, multi-platform games are often purchased according to the platform when purchasing various game consoles.
When the PC specifications are regrettable, you can enjoy Witcher with Plus, buy the Steam version again after the PC upgrade, and buy the Witcher through the switch to the Nintendo E-Shop.

Obviously, buying a game according to the new console means that you can buy the same game for each platform.
But the steam deck is different.
It’s definitely released as a portable device, but you can share the platform called Steam and enjoy the game you bought in my library.
A game that plays without duplicate purchases, that is the value of the valve.

For more than 3,000 steam games, this library sharing has been a sufficient advantage.
But on the contrary, if you only enjoy some games, it is difficult to feel the benefits.
You can also check the deck support on Steam, but if you don’t play mainly in Steam Deck, it’s a shame.
If you have a play pattern, it’s a better choice to buy a high-end desktop or console for the game.
(△ for the first time)

Linux-based Steam OS, there are so many games

Steam decks are basically based on Steam OS.
Steam OS is based on Linux and booted in game mode, such as the big picture of the PC Steam when booting.
If you work with steam without a complicated addition, it is possible to install and enjoy the game.

Other Umps, which are more high and high-resolution than Steam Deck, operate Windows as an operating system.
A mouse or a touch controller is essential.
Steam OS, on the other hand, also supports touch, physical keyboards and mice, but all operations can be operated by the basic input option that looks like a controller.

However, due to the basic limitations of Linux, the game played in the Windows environment does not run.
This is because Steam Deck runs the game with a compatible tool that virtually runs a Windows-only game.
Instead of supporting the optimized manipulation environment for Steam Deck, it takes weaknesses from the compatibility of the gameplay.

Instead, the performance of the Proton, which the valve created in cooperation with the famous code weaver on the compatible tool, is quite compliant.
Proton, which is improving the valve together, has already received nearly 7,000 games, or have been judged to be suitable for decks.
More than 16,000 titles that users have confirmed that they can run at least once.
In addition, the compatibility of the proton is not yet confirmed because the developer does not need to work separately.
Gaming performance also varies from game to game, but it often extracts more compliant frames than the Windows environment.

You can also install Windows yourself as it is an openness.
Valves are also providing and updating Windows drivers for players who want to install Windows.
Instead, it is recommended to partition to the external SD card or the built-in SSD rather than removing the steam OS itself and installing the window.

Although the support program is steadily increasing, it is still not driven by some anti-cheat games based on Proton, so the disadvantage is that multi-based games need to be checked before play.
(△ for the first time)

The capacity is required, but the expansion is required.

Steam decks sell 3 models of 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB.
There is no difference in the processor, but in addition to capacity, the speed and display of the storage device are different.

The 512, 256 models are equipped with NVMe SSDs.
In particular, the speed is faster in high capacity, but the 64 model has a NAND flash memory eMMC that has a relatively slow speed instead of SSD.
If you think about speed, it’s right to choose 512.
The 512 model is also equipped with a dazzling screen.
The 64 and 256 models are clearly reflected by the user on the black screen, but the 512 model is less highlighted.

However, the price is 200,000 won expensive depending on the capacity.
From 64, the price rises to 58.9 million won, 78.9 million won and 98.9 million won.
The 512 model is nearly 1 million won.
If the price efficiency is based on the 64 model, it is advantageous to replace the built-in SSD and the display.
However, the display is not easy to replace.

SSD replacement is quite simple.
Open the back, remove the heat sink and battery, and pull out the cable well to easily replace and mount the SSD.
It is important to buy M.2 SSD of ‘2230’ size.
The video of purchasing longer SSDs has been shared steadily since the beginning of the Steam Deck, and it is actually available, but it is better to use the formal SSD size as it is to use expensive steam decks safely.

Consider expanding SD cards if it’s hard to buy a large model, or you don’t want to open a device that’s just arriving for SSD replacement.
The Steam Deck allows you to expand your capacity by mounting your Micros card without opening your device.

SD cards require format at first, but afterwards, you can recognize and use the game on the card immediately.
It is possible to install several games in several cards and insert them as needed to enjoy other games.
However, it is easy to buy large cards because it is quite inconvenient to insert and remove cards.
Steam decks only support Class 10 U1 during the speed standard, so you don’t have to buy expensive U3.

The expansion of storage capacity is called ‘Korea’, but if there are many games to install, it is actually a must.
When you install a game on the Steam Deck, you will accumulate the Company in the built-in drive along with the installation through the compatible tool.
The virtual Windows folder is installed here, depending on the number of installation games.
The 64 model is not enough to install the game.
Unless you have prepared a large SSD, it’s better to install the game on your SD card.

In addition, the interface speed of the steam deck itself is slow, so the SSD is also slower than the PC and the next generation console.
In other words, game loading takes longer than you think.
Although it varies from game to game, the speed is not large compared to the SD card, so you can easily lay the game on the SD card.
(△ for the first time)

Herbs are essential without genuine poison

Steam Deck Docking Station, which was difficult to purchase due to volume problems, began to sell in line with Korea’s launch.
Unlike overseas users who have been waiting for almost a year, domestic users can get poisoning at the same time as the Steam Deck.

The docking station has a variety of expansion slots connected to the USB port.
The Display Port supports the HDMI 2.0 port, supports up to 4K 60Hz resolution, three USB-A ports, and Gigabit Ethernet port for the Internet connection.
It is possible to connect mouse, keyboard, wireless headset receiver, and more.

The problem is the price.
The docking station is sold at a relatively high price of 149 million won.
Of course, you don’t have to buy a genuine docking station.
As the docking station was delayed, there were a number of products that acted as a docking station early.
It can be easily purchased from overseas shopping sites such as Amazon.

This docking station does not require any certification, unlike other similar devices.
Except that there is a mounting space for mounting the Steam Deck, it is no different from the general USB hub.
Steam also allows users to use third-party devices such as herbs and poison.

Apart from the presence or absence of the mounting space, the USB hub should be there if you want to use the Steam Deck more freely.
Except for the SD card and earphone ports, the input / output port in the Steam Deck is one USB-C port next to the power button.
It is basically used for charging, so the keyboard, mouse, as well as external display outputs are impossible.

The desktop mode, which goes out in Steam Deck Game Mode and increases its scalability, works on the Linux GUI similar to a typical window.
The use of the console, which is quite often used, is based on a text-based, and it may be tears to enter the virtual keyboard.

(△ for the first time)

A. Steam OS FSR activation and 40fps synchronization

The best tips you can use in game mode are FSR settings and 40fps fixed.
The FSR briefly explained the advantage of 40fps.

Steam decks basically support 40fps vertical synchronization in addition to 30/60FPS.
60fps are frame renewal speeds 16.67ms and 30fps 33.33ms.
On the other hand, 40fps are updated every 25ms.
In other words, the frame itself is reduced by 20, but if you look at the rate of renewal, the middle between 30fps and 60fps is 40fps.
It is also at this rate of renewal that the 10 rounds will be felt.
This allows you to experience gameplay that is smoother than 30fps with 40fps fixed.

Even in Steam Deck, high-end games are difficult to match 60fps even if they compromise options, but 40fps can be fixed with many games.
Of course, if 60FPS is an important game, it is also possible to fix it to 60fps.
These settings can be directly entered with a fast approach (the bottom right of the steam deck).

(△ for the first time)

B. Desktop mode gets used to

Steam decks run in game mode when booting, but they can set more diverse through desktop mode.
The Linux GUI version is similar to Windows, but there is a difference in detailed settings.
In addition, consoles such as Windows’s command prompt and Mac’s terminal are very often used, so you need to have a keyboard and mouse to use it smoothly.

Various settings and apps are available here, such as registration of Steam apps, plug-in installation, and multimedia functions.
Through Discover, a software center similar to the Windows MS Store, you can also increase the use of steam decks by installing third-party apps such as PS Remote, XBOX Game Pass Settings, PLEX, Sporty FI, and Apple Music.
Korean patches are also possible.

(△ for the first time)

Increase compatibility with C. Proton GE

As mentioned earlier, the proton is a compatible tool developed by the valve.
However, in addition to the official update or the experimental version of the proton, there is a proton containing the contents that are not included in the official proton.
This is Proton GE.
As it is not a perfect version, there may be an error that has not been done in the latest version.
Nevertheless, games that are not driven or incomplete in the existing Steam Deck default proton are implemented at the level of driving through Proton GE.

Proton GE installation takes place through the Discover, and the Proton GE version installed through the game execution after installation should be selected as a compatible tool.

The Proton DB also allows you to quickly check the compatibility of Steam Deck.

(△ for the first time)

D. Unnecessary files, the name is clearly erased

If you install the game on the Steam Deck, COMPANY will be installed by app, whether it is a steam basic game or a listens app.
There are various files needed to run the game from the Windows folder.
This is not all the files needed for the actual window, and sometimes only a few tens of MB, but the capacity may be much larger, and sometimes it takes much more capacity.
In addition, to shorten the compilation work, the shader of the app may be previewed, and the data is installed.

These files are installed in the built-in SSD for smooth use.
That’s why he said he needed a generous capacity of the built-in SSD.
And the shader dictionary caching and comp data used in the deleted game remain like a debris and eat the capacity.

These files are stored in the steam decks that are bothersome to find and are stored in the number folder instead of the name.
In general, deletion is quite cumbersome, but you can check it directly through the app installed through the console and remove it.

The installation path of Zshadercachekiller is designated directly, and the console input command is as follows.

Create any folder to install the app.
You can install the built-in memory in/home/deck/below.

Go to that folder on ‘CONSOLE’.

Enter ‘Git Clone’ to download app-related files.

Go to the installed subfolder.
‘CD Steam-deck.shader-cache-killer’

Enter ‘ch mod +x’ to give a script permission.

If you run, you can check the shader pre-caching file and comp data in the app name and path through that app.

(△ for the first time)

E. Steam Deck also increases the use of plug-in

The plug-ins that can be used in Steam Deck is an additional program that can simply set several cumbersome tasks that need to be set in desktop mode.
It offers a variety of features, such as changing the theme of steam decks, manual operation of fan speed, simple operation support when activating music apps, boot animation changes, and medium displays that can check the level of proton DB support.

The plug-in app is mainly used with Crankshaft with video capture plug-in and deck loaders with various plugins.
Unless the video capture purpose, the latter is used more.

Below is the installation method of the Deck Loader, and I will explain how to use the VibrantDeck, which makes the color of the dull steam deck brighter.

After moving to the desktop mode, run the ‘CONSOLE’ app, ‘curl-l |
SH ‘Enter and install plugin

(△ for the first time)

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