How To Get All Five Chests At The MAKO Object In Modenheim In Crisis Core

How To Get All Five Chests At The MAKO Object In Modenheim In Crisis Core

As soon as you arrive in Model in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, Sale will instruct you to penetrate the MAKE object.
However, you will need to sneak past Genesis clones, while having the opportunity to collect five chests.
This may make you think about how to sneak past the guards and get five chests in the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

How to sneak through the MAKE MODE object in FF7 Crisis Core

To get all five chests, you must sneak through the MAKE Model object and not be noticed in the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.
If you are caught too many times, you cannot get all five chests.
Be sure to perform squats when the temperature of your body begins to fall, or you are waiting for the guard.

This is how to sneak past the clones of being in a Mac Center to get all the chests.


From the gate, the chapter to far from the left first, when the guard turns his back to you.
Grab the chest, then quickly go to the lid in the center.
As soon as the guard begins to go left, follow him.
The second chest is at the end of this corridor.
As soon as you get a chest, take it and wait until the guard begins to return.
The second guard should also be in the center, but you can squeeze between him and the wall to the left of you if you are quick.
After that, you can quickly grab in the remaining three chests without worrying about the guards.
The third chest is right in front of you before turning left.
Take it, and then turn left and go to the lower part.
Gather the chest here and then go left to the hill.
The last chest is on the left side of this platform.
As soon as you collect this, go down to the object.
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