10 Desert Locations That You Cant Miss When Playing Minecraft

10 Desert Locations That You Cant Miss When Playing Minecraft


Minecraft’s deserts are rich in resources, and because some of them house unique structures, they are also good places to undertake an adventure.
If you are looking for a place to build your desert base, or simply want to look for hidden treasures within the desert biomes, the seeds below can be perfect for you.

The best desert seeds for Minecraft Bedrock and Java editions

Here are some seeds that will work in the Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft:

Seed code: 6000015 (former desert city)

This seed allows you to engender in a huge world that covers 9000 blocks wide.
It presents a combination of desert biomes and wastelands and houses some desert temples, desert villages and ancient cities that you can explore.

This seed also has picturesque landscapes that will make you spend time walking by admiring its beauty.

Seed code: 6245064415419240492 (desert rivers)

This seed also generates a great world in you that covers 10,000 blocks wide.
You will find many interesting structures, such as temples near the generation point, and more dozens as you move away from the starting point.
It presents different biomes combined in a huge world: desert biomes, wasteland and mangrove swamp.

Seed code: 6000222 (desert adventure)

If you are looking for Minecraft’s complete adventure, but you don’t want to cross bodies of water, or lose in thick forests, then this seed is for you.
Depending on your version of Minecraft, you can appear near a fortress.
This seed also has different characteristics for the Bedrock and Java editions of the game.

The best desert seeds for Minecraft Bedrock edition

These seeds are specific to Minecraft’s Bedrock edition, so don’t expect to work in the Java edition.

Seed code: 1618322923 (the most popular desert)

This popular desert seed is loved by many not only for the biome of the desert in which it leaves you, but for the abundance of structures and buildings that it has for players to explore.
There are dozens of buildings to see here from where he initially engendered, so it will spend a lot of time before he gets bored and has to move further.

Seed code: 1432766570 (the expansion)

This seed generates you in a wide world that has some bodies of water located between a lot of sand.
It has many desert temples that you can explore at your own pace, all of which have the possibility of containing some rare elements that will be useful for your adventures around the blocks.
Some of these are near the generation point, so attack them and then explore to find others a little further.

Seed code:-1891299974 (Desert temple, village house and strength)

This seed of the desert begets you in a world where almost all the interesting structures you need to visit can be found close to each other.
For example, there is a desert temple located near the only house inhabited in the area.
There are villages and a jungle temple too.
In addition, Stronghold is not far from the aforementioned house, so if you only want to explore some great buildings and structures without having to travel a lot, this is one of the best seeds of the Minecraft desert for you!

The best desert seeds for Minecraft Java Edition

These seeds are specific to the Java de Minecraft edition, so don’t expect to work in the Bedrock edition.

Seed code:-849969987173167737 (desert rivalry)

The world of this seed is better imagined as a map for two players who compete with each other.
There are two desert temples, both surrounded by settlements.
These are placed in two areas separated by a river between them.
That not only means that you have two temples to explore right at your door, but the biome itself is quite large.
Ah, and there is also a nearby town for all your commercial needs… or simply, so you can steal one of their homes.

Seed code:-233905705646415500 (-233905705646415500)

This seed generates you in a world with standard green deserts and biomes.
There is an excavation site that you can explore nearby, as well as a temple of the desert that you can visit.
There are other excavation sites in other areas.
When using a brush, you can remove some of the debris that may have collapsed in the excavation sites and discover some of the treasures that may be hidden inside these rubble blocks.
It is something fun and slightly different to do in Minecraft, so we strongly recommend that you take a look.

Seed code: 151879205 (Desert Island)

If you think living on a small island in Minecraft is a challenge, try to live on this desert island where resources are scarce.
Fortunately, there is a settlement close to what you need for what you need, but if you are an unconditional player from Minecraft, you can challenge yourself not to get what you need there.
And there you have it for our list of the best desert seeds in Minecraft.
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