Wow Specialist specializations

Wow Specialist specializations

  • NPC master (levels of On’ aura 82/51): at the foot of the waterfall.
  • Bundle of the poacher (coast of awakening 39/86): next to the dead Gulper.
  • Replacement tools of the Drain (coast of awakening 64/25): next to the dead kite.
  • Wind-blessed Being (levels of On’ aura 86/54): in the camp of the centaur.
  • Well-dashed drum (Azur Games Mountains 13/49): If the drum hangs on the wall in the underground structure and waits until Ran begins to dance.
  • Fall-out tanning oil (Azur Games Mountains 17/39): In a barrel in the Knoll warehouse.
    Dealt with bellows (Azur Games Mountains 58/41): east of Antonia warehouse.
  • Decayed scales (Thaldraszus 57/31): in a basket in the storage facility.


Eight treasures contribute a great deal of workmanship to the tailors.
In addition, the master NPC and you can disperse a lot of understanding in the specializations.
NPC master Elsa jet wrap (Valdrakken 28/46): on a lead.
Mysterious Banner (coast of awakening 75/38): On the top of the building in the south.
Increased trekking product (coast of awakening 25/70): holds on a tree in front of the cave entryway.
It is difficult to catch.
Exceptional carpet scraps (levels of on’ aura 35/40): in a small hut on the flooring.
There are 3 elite mobs in the hut.
Silk surprise (levels of On’ aura 66/53): in the Leeward.
Modern Bracken fur blanket (Azur Games Mountains 16/39): hangs on a tree in a camping tent.
Fascinating blue fabric bales (azure mountains 41/55): Pushes the floor in the structure.
Follow the stairs to the.
Mini banners of the bronze dragon swarm (Thaldraszus 60/80): On the northeastern platform in the sand heap.
Ancient dragon web bales (Thaldraszus 59/46): south of the dungeon entryway.
Complete the mini-game and get the product.

Collection professions

Kirchner, mountain farmer and herbalist can not discover treasures.
However, at least there is an NPC master for every occupation.
Natural science: Huey Grünerite (levels of On’ aura 58/50): kneels in between the flowers.
Mining: Bridgette Hologram (Thaldraszus 61/77): High top on among the high-lying green rocks.
Fürschnerei: Henri (coast of awakening 73/70): Seat on the beach straight east of the Rubinlebensbeckens.
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  • NPC master Salazar Gear dust (levels of On’ aura 62/19): on the second floor of the damaged tower.
  • Shock-frozen scroll (coast of awakening 58/84): inside the cavern.
  • Lava-filled seeds (coast of awakening 68/27): near the lovable.
  • Enchanted debris (Coast of Awakening 58/59): Use the disenchanted broom and follow the captivated broom.
    In the end you can catch the debris.
  • Storm-bound horn (levels of On’ aura 61/68): north he sources of Oh’ IRI.
  • Forgotten Aryan foliage (Azur Games Mountains 39/59): In among the chambers in the northwest.
  • Somewhat enchanted remains (azure mountains 45/61): in the east.
    Click on the crystal and kill the opponent that appears.
  • Enriched earth splinters (Azur Games Mountains 21/45): Touched the side of the mountain and the earth splinter.
  • Broken titanium sphere (Thaldraszus 60/70): south of Typhoid.

engineering art

Engineers get little additional workmanship.
Source: Rubbed The engineers presently need to be pleased with Schlepped two treasures and an instructor.
But perhaps not all items have been discovered yet.
NPC champion: Frizz Summer (Azur Games Mountains 17/22): At a shrine northwest of the town.
Bummmthyrakete (Coast of Awakening 56/45): north of the flight point at the Rubinlebensbeck.
Gather all four products that are mentioned in the note in front of the rocket.
The ash is in the exact same building, the rest in the other structures of the location.
Int acted coil capacitor (coast of awakening 49/78): Click the three cable televisions (about ten meters from the coil).
Then you can loot the coil.


8 treasures and a master are awaiting the diligent authors and their brisk springs.
NPC master Lydia whisper spring (Azur Games Mountains 40/64): On among the platforms
Pulsating earth (coast of awakening 68/58): inside the crumbled structure.
Reference sheet for indication language (levels of On’ aura 86/25): hangs on the camping tent entrance.
Dusty dark moon map (Azur Games Mountains 46/24): In a building on the upper level.
Mattes parchment (Azur Games Mountains 44/31): Behind an Aryan leader.
Wellington made easy (Valdrakken 13/64): The brown book remains in the sandpit.
Eolian of the forgetful apprentice (Thaldraszus 56/41): west of the dungeon entrance to the Academy of Alger’ AR.
Eolian of the forgetful apprentice (Thaldraszus 47/40): above the flight point.
Click the Glyph, cross the bridge and eliminate the mobs.
Bring the loot back to the Glyph and you get the item.
Phony dark moon map set (Thaldraszus 56/40): Speak to the purple NPC and provide you to assist back the dark moon deck.
Click the cards in the proper order from the AUS to the 8.

jewel loops

In addition to their master NPC, the mills of the valuable gems will also find 8 other treasures with which they can increase their knowledge of craft.
NPC master Plantar (Azur Games Mountains 46/41): In among the structures.
Strictly safeguarded glittering stuff (coast of awakening 50/45): Beside a nest under the tree crown is the blue gem.


  • Intense gem (coast of awakening 34/64): Click three various crystals in a row.
    If everyone is active, you get the item.
    Kill the bothersome frog beforehand so that it does not impede you, since you don’t have much time.
  • Magic sublime (levels of On’ aura 25/35): Haves around within the cavern.
  • Fragmented secret (levels of On’ aura 62/13): Under the roots of the tree, which grows in a crumbled building.
  • Crystalline overgrowth (Azur Games Mountains 45/61): Beside the little pond.
  • Unified crystal harmonizers (Azur Games Mountains 44/61): Click the chest in the pond and then quickly click the three crystals nearby.
  • Alexstrazan collection (Thaldraszus 60/65): South of Typhoid.
  • Gorgeous gem of the painter (Thaldraszus 57/44): inside a lantern.

leather processing

In addition to their master NPC, the ending experts for dealing with animal skins will likewise discover 7 various treasures on the dragon islands.

With the existing expansion, the developers wished to update the craft and alter.
At least that with turning it up has actually currently worked.
In WoW: Dragon Flight Barely one stone has stayed on the other and the occupations are just very limited by the boring function that has accompanied us for years.
Instead of leveling up quickly and ready, we have now received lots of extra specializations.
Here we can invest time for weeks and months to perfect our craft.
Considering that the professions are expected to keep the entire growth long, it takes time to collect sufficient artisan understanding opening the private specializations.
Supplying the craft is not the only method to get to the crucial resource.
The knowledge is on the street, so to speak.

NPC scholar and artifacts

The reality that the developers from Dragon Flight wished to make an explanatory extension can likewise be felt with the occupations.
Instead of getting whatever essential from the dealer next to the teacher, we discover understanding of our professions on all the dragon islands.
These are hidden in numerous items that can be everywhere and still plainly come from the particular occupation.
The lost foliage increases our knowledge of captivated art and the Tesla coil is naturally rewarding for the engineers.
In addition, there are NPCs all over the world, which also have a little concept of the particular profession and share their knowledge with us.
The NPC occupation masters provide you 5 craftsmanship and 25 deals of the craft.
For gathering professions, even 10 workmanship and 50 zeal of the craft.
The different treasures each offer 5 craft understanding and 15 passions of the craft.
The master of captivated art.
Source: While the NPCs are open and pursue their day work, the products are sometimes well hidden or perhaps concealed behind puzzles.
These are not so tough that you could not fix them quickly.
If you have our aid, specifically.
By the way, there are no items for the collection professions.
You can find items for handicraft understanding in any herb, every ore team and every dead animal.


In addition to a master, there is an entire series of treasures for the drinking mixers that increase your understanding.
A total of seven items are awaiting you.
NPC master Gregory Silentest (coast of awakening 61/76): On one of the cliffs with a view to the south.
Well-insulated container (coast of awakening 25/73): Near the entryway to the occasion manager.
The container lies in between a lot of elite mobs.
Frost-forged drank (coast of awakening 55/81): in the middle of the ice crater.
Experimental sample (Azur Games Mountains 16/39): north of ISARA in between Gnoll-Mobs.
Field bottle with suspicious water (levels of On’ aura 79/84): deep in the cavern beside a dead scout in the water.
Fire water powder test (Azur Games Mountains 67/13.2): In front of the lumberjack right next to the vase.
Fury glibber (Thaldraszus 55/31): under a rocky lead.
There are 3 boilers there.
You have to throw Glibber into the boiler to learn which is the ideal one.
Forbidden mix (Thaldraszus 60/38): A purple shining potion in the bushes.
Challenging to discover.


There is more knowledge of handicrafts for no occupation.
In addition to the master NPC, you can gather nine treasures.
NPC master Greek Ambosshieb (coast of awakening 43/67): Sits in the lawn behind the best building.
Salvage of the forging (coast of awakening 56/20): in the rear tower.
Making a primeval alloy near the dark smithy, and you can loot the product.
Ancient monolith (coast of awakening 22/87): The sword on a base is surrounded by four yellow bulwarks.
Peculiar bars (coast of awakening 65/26): in the hut beside the smithy.
Melted bars (coast of awakening 36/64): toss the three bars into the lava and eliminate the appearing opponent.
Weapon diagram of the Malachi (coast of awakening 35/67): on the small island on an anvil.
Ancient spear splinters (levels of On’ aura 81/38): in a cavern.
Cavern input at 79/37.
Drawings of the falconers’ gaps (levels of On’ aura 51/67): on the island in a hut.
Zone (Azur Games Mountains 53/65): In a cave that is obstructed by stones.
You only get admission as a miner or with the assistance of a miner.
Heavy-handed Flux (Thaldraszus 52/81): west of the flight point, a little further up.

En treatment

Most of the time the items just lie around.
Source: eight treasures and a master NPC supply you with additional workmanship to increase your professional specializations.

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