Street Fighter 6 4K gameplay with Ken, Ryu, Luke and Jamie, it is the developers who play

Street Fighter 6 4K gameplay with Ken, Ryu, Luke and Jamie, it is the developers who play

Street Fighter 6 remembers our good memory through a brand-new gameplay video generously offered by our colleagues from Game inform. Made in 4K, the sequence is particularly interesting since it is the developers of Cap com who exchange some loving in the skin of BYU, Ken, Jamie and Luke. Obviously, the goal here is to highlight certain attacks of the characters, even if we realize that the guys manage much better than Shinobi Ono, the ex-producer of the series party to other horizons after Twenty years of good and loyal service at Cap com. Indeed, guest of prestige of our stand during Paris Games Week 2012, we realized that he was coming out of dragons on the PIF and summit of the Heineken as not possible. A sacred moment of fun with this monsieur de la Boston.


We take advantage of the opportunity to recall that Cap com recently unveiled dynamic controls, precisely through Game informing. In a classic fighting game, when beginners hammer the pimples, they often hit the void, then entrusted the director Kabuki Okayama. We therefore wanted something important and likely to make the difference will happen when the touches are in random. To my surprise, Shula Mutsuhito [the producer of Street Fighter 6, editor’s note] put the controller on the table in front of him and began to press the buttons one after the other with his index, said the journalist In his paper. His character then used all types of attacks. Suddenly, it becomes obvious that dynamic controls are not supposed to test your skill as a street fighter player. They simply make it possible to ensure that everyone Take pleasure in playing.

Street Fighter 6 is expected for 2023 on Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and PC.

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