Occupation of the Sea Era, the new Admiral Salvador Race revealed

Occupation of the Sea Era, the new Admiral Salvador Race revealed

On the 23rd, Line Games (CEO Kim Minsky) has updated the new Admiral Salvador Race in the Origin of the Open World MMORPG, co-developed by Motif (CEO Lee Deuk-kyu) and Joe Tech Mo Games (CEO Koizumi Hisashi).

Salvador Race, one of the main characters of the opposition, is the son of an enemy High Lenin Race, and has a background setting as a young man who went to the sea to become enemies away from his father’s shadow. Salvador Race is an Admiral with a tendency to combat, and has a variety of technologies and effects that are advantageous for high white patriarchal stats and white disease attacks. In addition, if you complete the Admiral Chronicles (Main Scenario), you can hire the S-class navigator Joker Silver in the inn.


At the same time, new navigators of the original theme were added with characters from the Sea series. Through this update, you can see a total of eight navigators from the original work, including S-class navigator Kara Guru, veteran merchant A-class Sarah Run and Garcia Altars.

In addition, after storing the placement of the desired ships, parts, and navigators, the preset function that can be loaded according to the situation has been added, and investment content improvement updates such as tariff adjustment and additional dividend payments were also carried out.

In addition, a special event will be held to commemorate the 100th day of the launch of the Age of the Sea. If you attend every day until 30th, you can get a lot of rewards such as S-class public contracts, Blue Gem (in-game goods), 12-class special ships, and 100-day celebrations.

For more information on the game information and updates of Origin’s era, which can be played through Mobile (AOS/iOS) and Line Games Floor (Line Games Floor), please visit the brand page, the official community and the official YouTube.

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