Football World Cup 2022 |
Eklat in Qatar Television

Football World Cup 2022 | Eklat in Qatar Television

You have actually welcomed the entire world to come here. This is a public place, said Tnntholdt about the security forces and showed his accreditation: We can move where we desire.


The Danish TV journalist Rasmus Untold from the TV2 broadcaster was obviously disturbed in the run-up to the World Cup in Qatar in his live reporting.

Later he received an apology from the regional companies, Untold mentioned on Twitter.

This did not occur, the reporters needed to wait half an hour according to the occurrence according to TV2 till a manager of the security forces agreed with the television group.

In addition, security forces threatened to damage the camera utilized in the occurrence of Tuesday. This is planned to prove pictures that the broadcaster released on his homepage.

United States reporter need to erase picture

The American Grant Wall, meanwhile, reported on his homepage of an incident in which he was said to have actually been asked to delete an image.

According to his own statement, Wall had actually desired to get his work ID at the main accreditation center and photographed the motto Now is All on a wall. A security force was with him within seconds and asked him to erase, which he apparently did not meet.

Qatar lies in the ranking of the press liberty of press reporters without borders to 119 of 180

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