SC Freiburg outraged by penalty

SC Freiburg outraged by penalty

I always assumed that fouls have a penalty as well as when there is a touch, why do you whistle? He said at Sky: You have a person that can see it in the video., It is whistled instantly as well as the game is decided.

With all love, when I see the scene, you would certainly have to hold on to everybody and also whistle the penalty in every corner scenario. For Howler, the penalty was also an outright joke

Meanwhile, Leipzig’s instructor Marco Rose recognized the criticism of the visitors: You can additionally see that Skunk is hit at the base of the ankle at the bottom of the ankle, yet it is not my topic., I exist, but then we win the game very deservedly with 2: 1..

Likewise, due to the fact that Freiburg’s Nicolas Howler RB star Christopher Skunk had actually reduced late in the penalty area-and Osiers whistled.

Emil Forster (78th) changed the due penalty into a last score, Freiburg’s little opportunity of a draw was g1. The scene captured the scene.


Christian Stretch had a need. The train of SC Freiburg discussed this set penalty scene with umpire Damage Osiers when the 1: 3 (0: 0) defeat at RB Leipzig was long certain.

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