Images of the Sims 5 are filtered that show what their apartments will be like

Images of the Sims 5 are filtered that show what their apartments will be like

Ea Maxis had already shown some Project Rene , which will be the Sims 5. Although there is still much to be launched, it w a way that the company had to appee the uncertainty of fans. In the video that we linked to this event, we could already officially take an eye inside houses and apartments. You have it from minute 28.

Well, someone h gone from enthusim and h leaked on his own in Reddit images of the interior and exterior of the apartments of the game. Of course, then his profile h disappeared.

There is nothing like the home, especially if it looks like this


The concept of home, our house, is very important in video games. So much that we dedicated an extensive article a few months ago. In the Sims it is also an essential part of the game. That is why the filtered images are so relevant.

They are photographs made to a monitor with the game working, and we can see things like the interior rich, part of the interface, tutorial messages… and also an exterior image of European cosmopolitan style. Everything looks great and above what is seen in the Sims 4.

The user, before eliminating his account, commented what he w playing focused on the new characteristics of the building and furniture. I had 4 predetermined studies to entertain yourself or an empty for you, to conclude that there were no sims in this test, I w just building.

The leaks by the companies are not welcome, which usually dose very planned what to show and what not. You know the one that w looked with GTA VI not long ago. In this ce it h not been something msive, but we are sure that Maxis is already investigating what could happen.

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