Chinas representative TARS finals, SWC 2022 last is Korea -China

The end of SWC 2022 was held in Korea-China war. China’s representative TARS defeated Android 3 to 1 in the semifinals two games in Sang am Colosseum, Seoul on the 12th.

Android ~ quickly took a combination of attack speed by taking a quick and water-like sky surfers, while TARS constituted a combination of firepower such as fire beast rider and wind slayer. Android ~ was in the early stages of the crisis without making any connection on the first turn, but afterwards, when the Sky Surfer duo took the turn again, he succeeded in pushing the enemy cooldown. TARS’s summons slowly lost their maintenance, and finally, one of the remaining light graveyards of Android ~ was completed with a counterattack passive. Android ~ took the first set.

In the second set, TARS counterattacked. Banning the water striker, he stacked the soul stone stack of the water Madonna centered on the tanks of the slayer. Android ~ tried to attack the enemy fiercely against the firepower of the Big Rider, but the cooldown was pushed by the enemy’s Sky Surfers. As a result, the Bull Bistrader was killed without any activity, and TARS easily took the game.

In the third set, TARS vanned a rich robot like one set. Android selected water and light attribute chimera as conscious of this, and TARS first pulled the cancer attribute sky surfers for the first time in this competition. In the game, TARS’s favorite picks of cancer slayers are active. Cancer Slayer continued to attack and provoked, and did not turn Fibroid ~. Fibroid ~ has slightly cut off the enemy’s stamina, but it quickly declared surrender when the Fire Oracle lies down.

The four sets formed a combination similar to two sets, but the development was slightly different. Android ~ Weapon Masters popped up and caught the enemy Sky Surfers quickly, and the Bull Beast Rider took a deal. But the last laugh was Tars. As the soul harvesting passive of the water magazine triggered the perfect timing, the summoner of the TARS did not fall. Android ~ did not start in a favorable situation and eventually played the game. As TARS advanced to the final, the final stage of the SWC 2022 World Final was completed.

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