The Bible arrives at Steam this month

The Bible arrives at Steam this month

Like the printing press, Steam has allowed thousands of projects of all kinds to be available within the reach of the public in an extremely simple way. From AAA of Japan, passing through Indies from Europe, to extremely strange experiences from America, in this Steam we can find everything. In this way, should not be a big surprise to hear what Namibia will arrive at this digital store.

That’s right, the bible is an interactive version of the sacred religious book, which will be available in Steam from next November 14 . This title has a digital version of the new and Old Testament, as well as an unprecedented soundtrack, an audiobook presentation and other novelties.

To the surprise of many, The Bible_ will have a trivia section, so that you test your knowledge . Along with this, in a future update the trophies will be available, although it is difficult to imagine what kind of challenges we will find here.


Bible Games, those responsible for this project, intend to bring more religious experiences to Steam. In the case of the bible, it has been indicated that this title will cost half of the price of a physical copy, and with the income they generate they intend to add more languages to this delivery and, eventually, hope to make this free to this religious experience.

Remember, The Bible_ will arrive in Steam on November 14 . On related issues, Steam breaks your record of simultaneous users. Similarly, Steam increases its prices in various regions.

Editor’s note:

Although most of the sales of the bible are likely to be carried out as a form of joke, it is good to see that an effort is being made to bring this type of products to as many people as possible.

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