How to dodge, rush, step on Harvestella

How to dodge, rush, step on Harvestella

Harvested is not just a farm simulator. Your main goal is to defeat the mysterious magic plague that has gripped the world. This means that you should be ready to fight with several monsters and enemies standing on your way.

Therefore, in addition to understanding farming, you should also familiarize yourself with the combat mechanics of the game. Although you will be mostly focused on improving your weapons and attacks, do not ignore the evasion mechanics to increase your chances of survival.

The next leadership will tell you how to unlock the evasion in Harvested.

how to unlock dash in harvested

Harvested actually has no evasion skill. The game has two skills called rush as well as step which serve as led abuse, giving you increased mobility.

Dash does not need to be unlocked. You can start using DASH already in the first chapter of the game. Keep shift to the left (PC), and then press either W, s, a or d jerk in the right direction.

If everything is done correctly, your character will quickly attack to cover the earth. You can make a jerk to either get to the enemy or leave the path of his distant attacks.

You will find many applications in dungeons, where one blow can take part of your health. Running off the road, you will survive there.

How to unlock a step in Harvested

Step is the second evasion skill in Harvested. This allows you to create a distance between you and your enemy. Think about it as a lure of enemies in an attack on you, while you jump back to hold a counterattack.

Unlike Dash, you need to unlock the STEP skill in Harvested. In addition, unlike a jerk, a step is available only for a certain class, and not for all your assemblies in the game.

Enter the main menu by pressing ESC (PC) and open work section. Enter fighter and unlock step in 150 points of work.

The step skill is one of the most important skills that need to be unlocked in Harvested if you want to become an aggressive fighter. This gives you a simple way to evade enemy attacks, and open them for counterattacks, causing huge damage.

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