Elon Musk seeks to revive a certain social network with the purchase of Twitter

Elon Musk seeks to revive a certain social network with the purchase of Twitter

Currently, the Internet world is made, that is because Elon Musk has confirmed the purchase of Twitter, so some users have moved to other platforms such as Mastodon . And now that the businessman is established in his new business, he would be looking for a way to bring to life a social network of a few years ago.

As reported by the medium Axis , Musk asked Twitter engineers to take a look at the old Vine code base. Another source also revealed that she needs a lot of work, but the project seems to be underway anyway. So it would be looking to bring it back, since it is currently totally forgotten.

There is credibility in this report, as a survey was conducted on Twitter asking people if they should return it. The popular YouTuber MrBeast, also responded by saying that if you did that and really compete with TikTok, it would be funny. Given this, Musk mentions that they would point to go far beyond what TikTok offers.

It is worth mentioning that for now there is a more controversy on Twitter , since Musk intends to charge users for having their verified account, something that many of the users are not accepting. Then, he has sought to reduce the price, and ensure that he will add many more benefits that only have the account with the blue popcorn on its side.

Via: The Gamer

Editor’s note: What will be the purpose of having come back? For now everything is uncertain regarding the decisions that Musk is making. I hope you don’t take the platform to ruin.

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