PS Plus: Free November Games for PS4 and PS5

PS Plus: Free November Games for PS4 and PS5

After Injustice 2 and Hot Wheels last month, let’s see together what are the three PS4 and PS5 games available for the PS Plus Basic Plan Subscribers at November 2022 .


Classic but effective, this is how we could describe our general feeling about Nigh 2. You will see many soulslike elements in the game, even in a guise that makes you dive into Japanese folklore.

The powers, spells and invocations are eathtaking and, for challenges of challenges, the game will not leave anything to be desired, as enemies have a high difficulty and require, as well as strategy, preparation.


While waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, how about a small compilation of all Lego Harry Potter games released so far? Whether alone or in cooperation, you should complete small puzzle routes, including many small Lego ick buildings. Always in the purest tradition of this series, you can count on substantial content that can occupy young and old several dozen hours.

The game has a light and humor development, making jokes with characters and events of the plot, as in the classic Lego style.

Heavenly Bodies-PS4, PS5

trapped in a space station, you and your partner will have to escape dealing with the absence of gravity. Think of all those physics-based games like October or Get Over It.

Here each button controls a member of your astronaut’s body, and you will have small puzzles to solve and many obstacles to avoid if you want to go alive.

A very good game, however, if you have the patience to get used to your very particular handling and, as it is not well known, we have separated a trailer for you to familiarize yourself.

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