Sonic Frontier Characters and Battle Future Relations -The introduction of Tales and Knuckles is also available

Sega has released a follow-up report of the action adventure Sonic Frontier .

This work, which depicts a new adventure of Sonic in the unknown islands Star fall Islands where ancient civilizations sleep, is a new frontier action adventure that runs around the map Open Zone in a super-speed action unique to the series.

According to the information revealed this time, the character that appears is the genius Mecca mania Miles Tales Paper, which is longing for Sonic, and Buckles the Echidna, a hot-blooded person who is proud of Power and a rival to Sonic. They are caught in the cyberspace and become a cyber body, and are said to be able to talk by gathering memory items.

Miles Tales Paper

A genius Mecca mania that longs for Sonic. An abnormality occurred in the tornado that was being piloted, and it is missing in the cylinder space with Sonic.

Knuckles the Echidna

A hot-blooded person who boasts power, a good rival of Sonic. He should be the last one in the Echidna tribe, and still protects the huge jewel Master Emerald in Angel Island.

Information about battle systems is also available. Unlike the previous series, in this work, which fights against enemies that are durable, if you feel a sign, you will fight back in Parry. In addition, we will collect Skill Piece and release Skill Cry, but some skills that will allow you to enjoy the battle are introduced.

Introducing a part of the skill!

・ Sailor

Move while leaving the band of light, and create a box, various effects are activated. There are various uses, such as breaking enemy guards, launching in the air and attacking additional attacks.

・ Phantom Murash

If you attack the enemy continuously, Sonic’s combo meter will accumulate, and when the combo meter is the maximum, the phantom Murash is activated! Until the meter becomes empty, the attack power becomes more powerful.

・ Sonic boom

Give a shock wave with a high-speed kick and cause a lot of damage to the enemy in a short time.

・ Thunder rush

A dynamic attack technique that rushes into the enemy after moving in the air in the air. It is a speedy and stylish skill that bangs the enemy while avoiding attacks.

In addition, the scenery of ancient people on the third island of Star fall Islands, which is the stage of the adventure, will remain and challenge to get important items in the Star fall Islands. Information on the guardian deity has also been revealed.

■ Star fall Islands 3rd Island Chaos Island

An island floating in the sea of clouds, composed of volcanic and multiple islands. There are some research facilities that collect the technology of ancient people.

[Guardian deity]


Base-controlled weapon. Use a fixture like a surrounding ring to approach the energy core in the center with grind and attack.


Tower improved upper model. The difficulty of capture is high, but basically it is possible to destroy the fuselage with SU cane. Is there a strategy that can actually kill instantly?

Eagle (Eagle)

Laser fires from the air with high accuracy. Bounce the laser in Paris and aim for a ski!

■ Fishing field that exists somewhere in the Star fall Islands

In the fishing spot, it is possible to rent a fishing rod from Big The Cat and enjoy fishing. In the fishing spot, you can catch unexpected rare items in addition to various fish.

In addition, if you collect tokens that can be obtained by fishing, you can exchange valuable items such as skill pieces, portal gears, and emerald keys.

Sonic Frontier will be released on November 8 for PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/Windows (Steam).

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