[Store Tour] Is the Royal Persona 5 The Royal?
 I cant sell it

[Store Tour] Is the Royal Persona 5 The Royal? I cant sell it

Based on the game store, in October, there were relatively noticeable masterpieces. The aftermath of Platoon 3 still remains, so the new title may not shine, but Bennett 3, which has returned in eight years, could not be used in the store because of the judgment of youth, and for several years on the PS side. We have been focused on the launch of God of War: Ragnarök, so the personality of other titles was relatively dead.

At the same time, Sonic Frontier, a new Sonic, who has been a game for a long time, is Sonic Frontier. It was announced that it was expected to be released through the panel and standing banner, including advertisements in South Korea, where international electronics shopping malls are located.

Pokémon continues, Pokémon continues

Nintendo’s camp was decorated with Bayonet 3. It was a very encouraging achievement considering that the advertisement in the store was not proceeded due to the judgment of youth, and the marketing options were narrow. This was not as low as it was released in eight years after Bayonet 2, and the trial and reviews released before the launch also showed high scores and raised expectations.

Surprisingly, the remarkable results were Persona 5 The Royal (P5R) and Near Stomata. Both of them were already released as other platforms, so there were many skeptical opinions on whether they would be successful this time, but in reality, the P5R was sold out and Near Stomata was rarely left in all stores visited during the store’s visits. The common review of the Nintendo store officials is that I didn’t know that it would be sold so much, he said, especially because the P5R showed sales volume over sales after the launch.

In the future, the Nintendo camp is about to launch Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. In normal times, reservations for two weeks before the release account for a large part of the total reservation, but only the reservation volume that came in the time of coverage for three weeks ahead of the launch of Tongan I-Park Mall is a level with Platoon. Most of the stores you will meet in November are purple and red.

The two rich people who are ready to return

As with last month, the PS camp was still noticeable by gamers’ expectations for God of War: Ragnarök. ‘Jo tun Edition’, which was the most demanding of the Ragnarök Edition, which is about to be booked on the 6th, was completed despite the price of nearly 300,000 won, and the collector edition was also nearly 230,000 won. It was confirmed that the number of buyers was quite a few.

In addition, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022 The demand was added to the rise. I received a new buff. Dosing mentioned the largest performance ever among the Call of Duty games, including pre-order and initial sales, through the official PS account, because there was a room for plenty of room for the release of other platforms. He also said, There is a bad criticism in the story, and it is surprisingly a lot of shipping despite the high price.

In addition, flag tails: Requiem and Biohazard Village Gold Edition were high, and as with the switch, many purchased the P5R PS5 version. You Travel 2 also noticed the demand for enthusiasts, and Gotham Knights was confirmed to have not made much sales as expected. The biggest problem is that the framework has a big impact, and the fact that it does not feel the right vibration in the PS, which is particularly acclaimed by feedback in the action game, and the failure of the game is the biggest problem.


Can you see the joy of February?

The PS Partner Shop is a Blue Friday sale on the 31st, and the gamer visit will be a little more active in early November. Blue Friday Sale is an event held at the PS Partner Shop, which discounts up to 50%of PS4/5 software and peripherals. The key to this event is that Horizon Forbid on West will show the first discount.

Nintendo is Pokemon Scarlet/Violet, and PS is a new exclusive launch with God of War: Ragnarök. In addition to Sonic Frontier, Tactics Ogre: Ribbon and Goat Simulator 3 will also be released.

Recently, the launch of such a large title is a factor that makes the store revitalization even further when the activation of the store has not been the same as the number of downloads. It is expected that the November store will be beyond the heat of Areas and Horizon Forbidden West in February.

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