3. Organization: VfL Osnabrück ends adverse run

3. Organization: VfL Osnabrück ends adverse run

Third department vfl osnabrück has actually stopped his collection of beats and also can take a deep breath.
After three insolvencies, the standard Lower Saxony beat the Halleschen FC 3: 2 (1: 2) after two times and also is currently 4 points ahead of the relegation zone.
Cannes Wolff (22nd), Sore Redemand (59th, very own goal) and Erik Engelhardt (66th) met before 13,262 watching bridge for the Lila whites, in which aide trainer Tim Heisenberg satisfied his red-locked boss Tobias Schweinsteiger on the
Side line stood for.
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Halle, which has just one point in advance of the initial transfer zone, pertained to goals via Tom Zimmerschied (4th) as well as Niklas Freezer (24th, penalty).

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