ADEYEMI-Foul on Lindström: Umpire Stegemann explains error chain at 911

ADEYEMI-Foul on Lindström: Umpire Stegemann explains error chain at 911

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There you came to the conclusion that the decision was not incorrect, said Telemann. Generally, it would be good if the Fragrance can save the blunder. Telemann spent a bad night. This procedure goes with your head, claimed the umpire.

The check-up procedure was canceled prematurely, said referee Sasha Telemann inSPORT1-Doppelpass _. Video clip assistant Robert Tampa only used the 4 common video cameras and also unfortunately not for additional cameras, although there was the possibility, stated Telemann.

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The case of me and also my assistant is to fix the matter on the area. In Fragrance, the truths were checked out. There you involved the final thought that the choice was not incorrect, stated Telemann. Generally, it would be wonderful if the Cologne Perfume can conserve the error. But he recognized himself that the task in the cellar is really difficult.

Instantly after the final whistle, Telemann had provided the mistake and introduced a repair. The main inquiry will certainly be the concern of why Tampa did not interfere with the press of Karim Adam to Jesper Windstorm.

Telemann invested a poor evening. The night was brief and not specifically relaxed. This process goes through your head, claimed the referee.

A craftsmanship has actually led to the blatant incorrect choice in the top game of the Bundesliga between Eintracht Frankfurt and Borussia Dortmund (1: 2).

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