Tyr God of War Ragnarok: Origin and Relations in Nordic Mythology

Tyr God of War Ragnarok: Origin and Relations in Nordic Mythology

To continue the articles talking about the characters of God of War Ragnarök, it’s time to talk about Try . This God was not present in the 2018 game, but has already appeared interacting with Rates and Atreus in the new plot. See Try’s origin in Nordic mythology.

Try: Origin and relationship between the characters


According to the texts, Try is the son of the giant Ymir and an unknown mother. However, the god was a precursor of Odin and later ended up considering his son. He belongs to the family of the gods air and occupies an important place in the pantheon.

His name

In ancient Nordic, Try (Tar, Tyro or Zip) simply means God, an etymology that certainly marks its initial importance. In Germanic bears the name of Taiwan ( _Hey of the day) , which is also a rune that encodes the sound t.

Try: Function and attributes

God of what?

Try is an old God and probably had the role of ruler of the gods before Odin occupies him. He appears in the texts as wise and ave. God of heaven, combat, light and oath.

He is also the god of strategy and just war and can, like Odin, decide the fate of a battle. It can also be associated with the idea of sacrifice: Try lost one hand to the mouth of Henri when volunteering to arrest the monstrous wolf (in an attempt to avoid Ragnarök).

mythological references and possible connection with the game

The sacrifice

FEN RIR , son of Loki and Anybody, is kept in captivity by the gods Air to avoid Ragnarök. Only Try has the courage to feed him. Phenirrir grows and gains strength, so the gods seek currents capable of containing it: the dwarfs are called and form a magic link made of rare and unusual ingredients (woman’s beard, cat noise, etc.).

Henri refuses to be imprisoned and Try pledge his own hand putting it in the wolf’s mouth so that the gods can arrest him. Henri fights and sees Try’s hand, but the goal is achieved, and the wolf is chained (postponing Ragnarök).

Try and Ragnarök

Ragnarök is the prophesied final battle that will have the death of many gods. At the end of time, Try show will fight the giant dog Arm , guardian of Kelham, and both will kill themselves in combat.

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