Minecraft Live 2022: Most voted, free skins and more;
 Find out everything that happened at the conference

Minecraft Live 2022: Most voted, free skins and more; Find out everything that happened at the conference

Minecraft Live happened this Saturday (15), to show us the big news of Minecraft and its spin-offs. Finally, we had the result of the votes and the news that the developers prepared for the game.

All about Minecraft 1.20

Most of the conference was obviously focused on Minecraft’s next update: 1.20. The developers talked mainly about 4 major new features that will be added to the game:

  • Camels: This great mount has room for you and a friend. Camels are found in desert villages.
  • Suspended panels: to improve the decoration of your homes and farms,

* Chief liaries: Allows you to store and recover books, written books, enchanted books and feathers. Integrate Redstone to make it the smartest liary of all time!
* Bamboo Craft: You can use it to create a new type of boat, the raft, but also other new furniture!

For now, the final name of the update is not known even the complete script that is still very mysterious. Moving prefers to reveal this gradually until the release. However, the community can access the beta (Java Edition and Bedrock) version immediately after the presentation to test the advertised resources.

7 new standard skins will be added: Make, Eye, Noor, Kai, ARI, Sunny and Yuri will join Alex and Steve at the Minecraft launcher and the dressing room in late November and early December. New LCS will arrive at Minecraft Marketplace, including DC’s DLC Batman, Crew, and Frozen Planet II on October 18.

Community vote

Here are the 3 new mobs to vote and their classification:

  1. Sniffer (winner): This old creature has already been part of the Over world ecosystem, you can now ing back Sniffer if you find your egg. Shock new monsters, create them and find a way to make the sniffer thrive. There are seeds that only the sniffer can find.
  2. RASCAL : A cross eak that loves to play hide and seek. The rogue hides in the underground mines, waiting to be found. If you find the same rogue three times, he will reward him with a prize, then be aware.
  3. TUFF Golem: A statue with a particularity: gains life. When Tuff wakes up, he goes around, taking and holding any object he finds. Don’t worry, he will return to where you put it when you become a statue again. It may be a work of art, but you are the creator.

Launch and gameplay period for Minecraft Legends

We were toasted with a little more gameplay for the ambitious Minecraft Legends and a release window: In 2023 . In addition to the new scene, a live demonstration has allowed us to see what the cooperative game was like for 4 players and meet the first talking mobs in Minecraft history: the three hosts, knowledge, action and Foresight.

Minecraft Dungeons

After a recap of all that was added to the game in two and a half years, the Minecraft Dungeons team has revealed the seasonal content of Halloween that will be released from October 26 to November 9. You can then Purchase the Hungriest horror armor set and Cloaked armor set freely through Minecraft Marketplace , as well as the Minecraft Dungeons Heroes, the first crossover package between these two worlds.

The new tower multiplayer mode has also been shown, as well as a preview of Season 3 **: Fauna Free, which will be released on October 19 and will include a series of new flairs, pets, skins, emotes and free content to the game.

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