Steam premieres complete renewal of its mobile application with new functions

Steam premieres complete renewal of its mobile application with new functions

The day h arrived: Steam publishes the most important update of its application for mobile devices, already available both in iOS and Android . This new version is a renewal at all levels with respect to what h accompanied us for so many years. In addition to a modernized and agile interface, it incorporates functions that allow a more fluid experience when connecting with your account.

The application benefits from all work on the Steam platform to improve accounts security, including the experiences of the new web login and in the Steam client, explains the company in a note of press.


The Steam application in detail

Steam Mobile Add new security layers when trying to connect with your account. To the double factor authentication and being able to receive Steam Guard codes, the login is added with QR code. Instead of introducing your psword by hand, you can now use the application scanner to save time and minimize that it is copied when you are far from your usual PC.

At the bottom of the interface you will find five tabs: Store, News, Steam Guard, Notifications and Menu . To interact with your friends via text you will have to download Steam Chat, an individual application that works a messaging app. Returning to the main one, you can blow your complete library in real time and start the remote download on your PC. To do this, the computer must be on and with a Steam session started with your profile.

Other confirmed functions are expected in the coming months, such the login at Steam Deck with QR code , new types of notifications and the incorporation of the list of authorized devices in browser and in the Steam client.

  • Download the Steam Mobile application on Google Play Store
  • Download the Steam Mobile application in App Store

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