Ezra Miller returns to The Flash set to make some shots

Ezra Miller returns to The Flash set to make some shots

One of Warner and DC that has been maintained in the controversy is that of The Flash , that is because the protagonist of the film, Ezra Miller , has gotten into more than one media mess. However, it seems that this still has no plans to cancel, and the clearest test of this was reported directly a few hours ago.

According to recent statements from The Wrap, Ezra Mile r filmed one day of scenes that needed a touch-up last week in the Warner Bros ** lot, this so that the production of the Velez Superhero Sign Your course.


Miller and his agent Scott Metzger met with the new cinematographic executives of WB, Michael de Luca and Pam Andy, in the studies at Burbank to talk about the movie, although no other details were revealed about the meeting. Although it is not information that can be relevant, users may be calm with the next premiere.

This is the statement that gave Miller regarding his controversial actions:

Having recently gone through a moment of intense crisis, now I understand that I am suffering complex mental health problems and I have started continuous treatment. I want to apologize to all those that I have alarmed and bothered with my past behavior. I promise to do the necessary work to return to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life.

Remember that The Flash premieres in June of 2023 .

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