Sylens actor suggests that he works on more content for Horizon Forbidden West

Sylens actor suggests that he works on more content for Horizon Forbidden West

Nothing is still known about a possible expansion of Horizon Forbidden West, the title developed by Guerrill Games for PS4 and PS5. Ally’s adventure went on sale lt February, but at the moment there is no news about possible new content. It seems, however, that something is cooking in the shadows, because actor Lance Reddick-Sylens in the saga-h suggested it in a tweet that he h already ered.

In the publication, the interpreter h shown a brief clip in which he is seen preparing for a movement capture session. This is already suspicious in itself, although it could be any game… If not because he specifically mentions guerrill . Work hard in a session for Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Zero Dawn, the original title, received an expansion of history that continued Any’s trip. The Frozen Wilds invited us to explore an icy region of the world, where the dangers were even more accused. Is there Forbidden West expansion? For now, silence by Guerrill Games, which continues with other projects.

A Horizon VR game

Kill zone’s also creators have opted strong for their action adventure in an open world. In fact, the company announced lt year a video game developed exclusively for PS VR2. Horizon Call of the Mountain introduces us to a new protagonist, so we will not handle Ally on this occion. However, Guerrill h already advanced that we will run into the heroine during our journey through this post-apocalyptic world.

Horizon Forbidden West is available exclusively for PS4 and PS5. exclusive in consoles.

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