The PS5 wins a video game console award from 2022

The PS5 wins a video game console award from 2022

Virtually three months are missing for the end of the year, so several companies related to video games are conducting special awards such as what was recently given in the TGS 2022 . And now, a new award has given the PlayStation 5 of Sony the best console title of the year in the Creative Blog Awards .

In this event there are more than 70 awards categories this year, from laptops and drawing tablets to study chairs and handmade machines. The winners of all categories are going to share throughout this week, so fans of even semi-professionals can see if they won their favorite.

The winners are decided through a panel of judges who are experts in several areas, some directly involved in video games, including journalists from Games Radar, PC Game and the Play magazine. So those who are working behind are experts in their respective areas, since they come from their means dedicated to the issues.

To be attentive to the awards, we suggest following this page.

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