Soloq Valorant 2022: The player who surprises Mixwell and comes first to immortal

Soloq Valorant 2022: The player who surprises Mixwell and comes first to immortal

Maxwell has left a hard competitor to win the Solo of Valorant. Before facing the current fourth day we have been in competition, there is already a player who has reached immortal. This is Catskills, professional player of the shorter and who has militated in teams like Bison.

For many he He was one of the covers of the competition , and for the moment, he is demonstrating that he wants to claim the thr1. With a good mental, and hitting good bullets, Said has been climbing little by little ranking, despite the fact that his first game was not lucky on his side, facing NARA, Vowel and Black and ending up losing 13-5

Some of his best moves


The magic of this edition that no one can immediately set the agents, rewards the players who can play practically everything, and Said is a clear reflection of it. Throughout this Solo Valorant has played Brimstone, Omen, Killjoy, Sage, Phoenix, Reyna, Chamber … Without a doubt, a real madness.

If you want to see his games, he usually makes direct at night, so you will have to stay awake late until he ends up directly. If not, you know, you put the VoD the next day and see how low heads for the different maps offered by this Riot’s shooting game.

Several players will arrive in Immortal in the next few hours

One of the things that most play against him is that he has a number of games somewhat higher than the rest of the participants. Remember that the top are 105 before the last two days of competition, so you will have to measure very well, in this regard. In its rivals to follow, Maxwell, which is close to immortal , Horus, which has 92% of Win rat__ in 24 games and Miles , the ex-champion of the world that has not known the defeat in the 13 games he has played **.

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