The Last of Us Part I: How to use those infected in your favor against humans to get the live bait trophy

The Last of Us Part I: How to use those infected in your favor against humans to get the live bait trophy

They say that in war and in love, everything is worth. And what about the Zombie Apocalypse? Everything is worth? The answer is a resounding yes. Your adventure with Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us Part I will lead you to cross many moral lines: hurting, killing, cheating, manipulating… Zombie survival does not usually understand morality.

Then I tell you how to get the trophy LIVE CBO . Do not be fooled by their description: it seems easy, but many players have been choked in previous versions for the behavior of AI.

CBO I live in The Last of Us Part I: Use the infected in your favor

The description of the trophy Living bait says the following: USA bricks or bottles to encourage an infected to attack a human. The average user of The Last of Us Part I usually uses bottles to distract the infected and humans, and bricks to destroy the enemies’ melee, especially click.

To achieve this trophy, several indispensable conditions must be given. The confrontations that include humans and infected at the same time are not as common as we would like. In addition, it must give the chance that there is an infected and a human placed near (but without killing) and finally… have a bottle or brick at the right time.


As I told you, the trophy is simple… but its execution not so much. So how to get the live bait trophy? Is it easier? There is a point in The Last of Us Part I in which it is very simple to do it: The Left Behind expansion.

After crossing ventilation ducts (in which there is a recorder) you will reach this point: access to the mall. In the image you can see the infected who will do the dirty work. On the left you have bricks and bottles. The enemies are at the opposite exit.

As soon as the enemies are close to the exit, throw a brick or bottle while covering yourself. You will alert both sides: infected and human. The rest is a matter of chance, because you must expect the infected to kill humans. If this is not the case, restart the level or control point. Do not go down until the trophy has jumped.

An important note: I have increased capture levels via Photoshop, so you can see perfectly how the place looks. If you play with normal brightness, the scene will be much darker. You will hardly see Ellie, for example.

And she would be! Remember that Naughty Dog has improved AI via The last of us part I , it means that this trophy should be much easier to achieve. If you fail to do it during the main story, you always have the point that I just taught you.

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