The strongest monitor that greatly affects FPSs victory or loss, or gaming mixer for children? Variable I -O data booth repo! [TGS2022]

For 4 days from September 15th to 18th, Tokyo Game Show 2022 also has a booth that handles monitors and PC parts as well as game manufacturers. Increase.

This time, we interviewed the booth of I-O Data , which will be particularly focused on companies exhibiting PC monitors. In this booth, you can test the latest series Star Ocean 6 The Divine Force scheduled to be released by Square Enix on September 22.

In recent years, FPS games have been recognized by those other than gamers and have shown great excitement. In such an FPS game, a momentary judgment is important, and the aim and the PC specifications are divided. Meanwhile, in this TGS, I-O data exhibited monitors that change the common sense of FPS.

While the normal monitor is 60Hz, the exhibited monitor LCD-GC251RXAB is 360Hz and the refresh rate has the highest level, and it has the effect of suppressing blur and reaction lag when firing with FPS, which is the effect of suppressing the lag of the reaction. It also has black insertion function. Functions such as black insertion functions and saturation adjustments can be easily changed from the remote control, and can be switched quickly until the enemy is contacted.

The angle and top and bottom of the monitor can be adjusted quite freely, and it seems that the monitor arm is almost unnecessary. In addition, the monitor has not only HDMI but also many outlets such as USB, making it feel excellent.

The monitor introduced earlier is for FPS and competition scenes, but there are monitors for general games. The monitor in the image can play games of various genres comfortably, and the refresh rate has a sufficient performance of 160Hz.

In the booth, there is a corner that reproduces the distribution environment of the Dusted player in the Prospering Streamer Group Father’s Back, and the I-O Data monitor is used. Here you can know the professional distribution environment and the game environment, and if you like FPS, you definitely want to visit. A desktop PC that reproduces the PC specifications of Pastel is also on display.

We are also focusing on various peripherals, and among them, gaming mixers for children are interesting. Normally, VCs while playing a consumer game are difficult depending on the game, and unrelated players may be asked for conversations.

If you use this gaming mixer, you can play while listening to both LINE calls and game sounds. It can be said that it is a device that was born because elementary school students have a smartphone.

In this eye-oh data booth, you could see not only new monitors but also gaming mixers for children, and I felt the attitude of delivering products not only to the core layer but also to light layers and younger people. 。

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