Judgment and Lost Judgment are now available on PC

Judgment and Lost Judgment are now available on PC

In the framework of the Tokyo Game Show , Sega has announced that both Judgment and Lost Judgment are already available on PC through Steam , more than three and a half years after his departure in the case of the first and almost a year after the launch of the second. The news, by the way, has been confirmed through the video you have above.

The spin-offs of the Yakuza saga (now like Dragon) already have their own page in Steam, and can be bought within their Judgment Collection for 98.77 egrets, which also includes the DLC The Kieth Files. If you are not interested in going with everything, both games have their own page in the Valve store, with a Judgment that costs its €39.99 and a lost judgment for which 59.99 euros will have to be supported.

Recall that this sub-Sag.

My partner Víctor Martínez had the opportunity to analyze the first back in June 2019, when he highlighted how Judgment illustrated the ease and intelligence with which the responsible for him twist and modulate the tone of a story:

We have already been mafia, club owners, renovated criminals, private detectives; Even parents, reflecting not only the concerns and particularities of the Japanese underworld but also of the flat people and even those responsible for the saga. Many video games have introduction, knot and outcome; The Yakuza, and in that Judgment is not different, they are one of those who never end, who remain latent in who plays them: in other words, and as if it were one of those ads that could fit into a Pause of this soap opera television, when you do pop (or PUM, or clan, or kapok) there is no stop.


You can read the complete analysis right here.

Judgment and Lost Judgment are already available in PC through Steam . All of them can also be played at Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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