Plunder Panic: Release day for the pirate multiplayer arcade

Plunder Panic: Release day for the pirate multiplayer arcade

All guy on deck!

The independent developer desires Winn Games announced on Pax West 2022 that his 6V6 pirate-multiplayer arcade game Plunder Panic will dive in on September 16, 2022, on Windows PC/Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox
One and Series X | S, Nintendo Change as well as Steam Deck with a complete cross-platform play!

Motivated by timeless SNES video games, Plunder Panic Retro graphics, gallery activity and also a wealth of online (and offline) video game settings and also choices that even make the water in your mouth collapse to the obdurate pirates.
Two teams with approximately six players have to insist themselves against each other with a range of tools, captivated objects as well as power-ups.
Along with on-line matchmaking, gamers can likewise play with each other locally with as several controllers as supported on their corresponding systems.
Cross-Play likewise makes it possible for online matchmaking for all versions of the video game.

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