How to get and update the origins wind in Zombies Chronicles

How to get and update the origins wind in Zombies Chronicles

Call of Duty: Chronicles Zombies has several maps that present intricate stories and intense challenges. One, in particular, is the Origins game mode, which consists of solving riddles and unlocking magical tools to defeat zombies. So, if you want to know How to get the wind cane in Chronicles Zombies This is all you need to know about this article and what you should do to update it.

How to get the original wind cane in chronicles zombies

The origins wind in Call of Duty: Chronicles Zombies can be manufactured by acquiring three parts of it in the giant robots that walk throughout the area. To do this, you must shoot your foot (it is necessary to be illuminated) at the right time and create an opening for your character to enter.

Source: Activision through wind

The first one you can get is the robot near generators 2 and 3, where you can almost see the contour of an muddy footprint. Then, the second will walk along the path of the central area near generators 4 and 5, while the last one will travel near the church next to the generator 6.

If you see all the robots traveling together at the same time, try to avoid them because there will be no openings during this phase (their feet will only light when they are alone).

When you acquire all the necessary pieces, you will need the wind record to take it to the crazy place that contains a vital component of the origins wind. This Chronicle Zombies object can be found near generator 5 next to Lightning Cave. These are the three places where this element is generated:

  • Out of lightning cave through some boxes
  • At a table in the ray cave
  • Near generator 5

Source: Activision through wind

Once you have obtained this object, you must find the gramophone and another disc. The first element is inside the excavation site near the circular stairs, and the musical disc is randomly generated. Here is a list of all known generation points:

  • Next to the excavation poster abroad
  • Lying in a box at the entrance of the Church.
  • In a truck at the top of the excavation site

Then, you must place the gramophone and record on the table in the wind of the wind near the generator 4. Once you cross the portal, you must grab the wind crystal of the yellow structure and return to the excavation site.

You can place the glass on the yellow mechanical object in this location and acquire the wind cane.

How to update the Origins wind in Zombies Chronicles

Although the wind cane is quite powerful on its own, you can get an update of wind cane to end several zombies at the same time. The thing is that you will need the Wind Staff code to update it. Here is a step by step guide on what you should do:

* Go back to the crazy place.

The first step is to solve a puzzle near the structure of the Wind Crystal.

* Solve the riddle by entering the wind of the wind cane.

When you crossed the portal, you should see a circular object with symbols on top of you. The players must point to each ring shooting it with the wind cane and making the code in the image shown below (the last near the inner circle must be the symbol with two straight lines).

* Find three chimneys full of smoke.

Once Samantha tells you that you have successfully resolved the puzzle, you will have to use the wind cane to divert the smoke from a fireplace shooting it. The first can be found outside Wind Cave by Generator 4, but be sure to point the tool to the excavation site.

* Go to the second location of the fireplace.

Players can look for the following object along the muddy path behind the church (the path that the tank uses). Remember to point out the origin baston to the excavation site and redirect the smoke from there.

* points to the last fireplace.

The last one is near generator 5, where you can see an opening at the excavation site.

* Go to the excavation site to solve another riddle and point to the yellow orb.

You must activate the levers on the excavation site until the rings align in the correct order (all must be yellow). After this interaction, hit the yellow orb over the area that contains all other canes.

* Return to the crazy place and place your wind cane on the platform.

Players must kill a certain amount of zombies to improve their wind. During this part of Chronicle Zombies, you can only use your weapons (without the cane) to turn on the tool. Eventually, Samantha will congratulate him once she eliminates enough enemies, which will provide an improved wind.

Now that you know How to get and update the original wind cane in Chronicle Zombies , you can defeat hordes of enemies to advance more in history.
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