Where to find a salad dressing at Tower of Fantasy

Where to find a salad dressing at Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a game with an open world in which there is something to do and what to collect. Many resources that you collect are used in culinary recipes. Cooking allows you to restore health, satiety or endurance. The ingredients can be found in different ways, for example, exploring the world or buying them. This may make you think about where to find ingredients such as salad dressing in Tower of Fantasy.

All places for refueling salads in Tower of Fantasy

Many ingredients found in the wild can be found using the Tower of Fantasy interactive card. But the salad dressing cannot be found when exploring the world, so go to one of the places marked on the map below.

Northern Esperia

South Esperia

How to get a salad dressing at Tower of Fantasy

Salad dressing is not an ingredient that you can find in the world, but the one, buying from the seller of food. This is Mrs. Taylor in Astra, who can be found near the shelter of Astra on the banks of the river. Harriet also sells salad dressing at Banges Dock. The salad dressing costs 60 gold, and the daily purchase limit is 99.

What to do with a salad dressing in Tower of Fantasy

Salad refueling is ingredient used in culinary recipes. It restores only 1 unit of satiety when consumed before cooking, which makes it almost useless raw . Instead, go to the culinary station and use a salad dressing to prepare various dishes.

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