Nan -Sacial Action Gungrave Gore, November 22, released on November 22

Gungrave Gore, a new work of the Gungrave series, which caught the eye of gamers with its unique random stylish action, confirmed its release on November 22 at the Gamescom site.

Koch Media’s publishing brand Prime Matter unveiled a new trailer of Gungrave Gore on the 28th. In this trailer, the main characters of the main characters, Beyond The Graves, also featured major characters in series such as Kuga Shira Base and Asagi Mika. In addition, the characteristics of the main enemies such as Big Woshen, Turonti, Yansen The Boost Master, and Ganpo E sex can also be found in the video.

In addition, Gungrave Gore participated in Game Scom, which was held in Cologne Messe, Germany from 23rd to 28th, and presented demonstrations. In the demonstration version, new systems such as avoidance, hook, and spear have been added to enhance stylish action. Nevertheless, the series of ran-action of the series was well received by the scene, showing an unbearable composition.

The Gungrave Series has not been news for a long time since the sequel ‘Gungrave O.D’, but the Mac of the series continued as the domestic developer studio Lee Mob introduced ‘Gungrave VR’ in 2018. Since then, Naito Yasuhiro, who is in charge of the original character design, joined the studio Lee Mob, a new work, Gun Grave Gore, which can be enjoyed by consoles and PCs. It was originally scheduled to be released in 2019, but it was postponed to Corona 19, and since then, it was expected to launch the fall in June 2022.

Gungrave Gore will be released on November 22 in PCs, PS, XBOX, and supports not only Korean subtitles but also voice. More information can be found on the official Twitter.

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