Half-Life 2 unofficial MOD Entropy: ZERO 2 is good. A certain combine soldier, led by a unit and defeats the enemy with Portal -style turret

A certain MOD of the masterpiece FPS game Half-Life 2 (hereafter HL2) is now gaining popularity. Entropy: ZERO 2 (hereinafter EZ2) for HL2 released on August 20 has recorded 3,000 STEAM simultaneous connections. Furthermore, in the Steam user review at the time of writing the article, 98 % of 2712 were popular overwhelmingly popular status. HL2 seems to be gaining reliable popularity as an unofficial MOD.

EZ2 is a campaign MOD for HL2 developed by BREADMAN. Speaking of the Half-Life series, it is a masterpiece FPS title, and it is known that the span up to the new work is extremely long. Finally, VALVE has not officially announced the development of the series, after the release of the VR game Half-Life: Alyx for Steam in 2020. Regarding Half-Life 3, fans have been given up in the middle of it will not come out anymore, and has become a net memory. Many MODs have been created among fans. Among them, DLC and spin-off mods, which have a connection in the story with HL2, are also popular. The release of the EZ2, which was released, is one of them, depicting the story of a combine soldier who lost his daughter.

The player will participate in a strategy for the purpose of detention of Dr. Mosman, who also appeared in the main story of HL2, as a combine soldier Aiden Walker. During the play, this MOD’s unique weapons and enemies appear, and players led a combine soldier to challenge battle. In addition, a characteristic element is a puzzle FPS PORTAL-style turret. Like the HL2 turret, it is used as a strategic gimmick that automatically searches and attacks by placing it on the entry route of the enemy.

In addition, there are plenty of familiar elements of the Portal series players, such as the Aperture Laboratories logo and the Aperture Science artificial intelligence that speaks in synthetic audio. You can enjoy co-starring of popular works that Valve has worked on. Of course, the Portal series suggests that the Half-Life series share the world view in the work. As a result, there is a history that fan fiction, which has been a combination of both works, has been enjoyed.

According to BREADMAN, who leads the EZ2 development team BREADMEN, the development of EZ2 took five years. The volume is expected to play about 7 to 9 hours, and the scenario is fully expanded in a full voice with subtitles. This MOD is being distributed for free at Steam. Anyone who has the Steam version HL2 can be introduced for free, so the low threshold for playing is one of the popular reasons. The previous work Entropy: ZERO has been released as a MOD for Half-Life 2: Episode 2. This is also a high reputation at Steam, so you may want to touch it.

This year has been 18 years since HL2 was first released. The birth of a powerful MOD like the EZ2 is a proof that HL2 has gained strong support even after a long time. Even if Half-Life 3 does not appear, the love of players and MOD producers will be spun.

ENTROPY: ZERO 2 campaign for Half-Life 2 is being distributed for free on Steam. If you have the Steam version Half-Life 2, anyone can introduce and play for free.

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