The best SIMS 4 mods administrator: Gametimedev or Raxdiam?

The best SIMS 4 mods administrator: Gametimedev or Raxdiam?

Unconditional Simmers that use multiple Sims 4 mods can have game problems if one breaks or interacts with another unexpectedly. The best Sims 4 mods administrators, such as Gametimedev and Raxdiam, help Sims players to track the mods installed, enable them and disable them individually or in groups, and more.

Mods in the Sims 4 (scripts to modify or modify the way the game is executed) can be as simple as new hairstyles, clothing and other custom cases, or they can make great changes in the game, such as making me make it The Sims stop aging completely. or turn young children into demonic engenders. Objective What mod manager is the best for the Sims 4 Simmers serious ? Let’s enter it.

Gametimedev or Raxdiam: What is the best Sims 4 mods administrator?

The two Gametimedev and Raxdiam Mods administrator options are popular among the Sims 4 community, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you can only use one and you are looking for an adequate breakdown of both options, we have it covered below.


Mods Administrator of the Sims 4 by Raxdiam

Raxdiam image source through manager

Raxdiam’s TS4 mod manager interface is deceptively simple. You can see and manage your screenshots and modifications in the game in one place, so that you can easily see what it works and what not.

But where Raxdiam mod manager really shines is its ease of use. You can drag and release multiple mods in Mod Manager to instantly install them, it is not necessary to extract them! In addition, you can enable or disable several modifications selected at the same time by just pressing a direct access key. Ctrl + shift + e enables all the modifications you have selected, while ctrl + shift + e deactivates them all.


  • Multimod installation of drag and release
  • Quick access keys to enable, disable and delete quickly
  • Admits subfolders to facilitate the organization of CC and mod.


  • There are no Mod content images
  • Dated interface

Sims 4 Mod Manager of Gametimedev

Gametimedev image source through manager

Sims 4 Mod Manager of Gametimedev is still in beta version, but offers many functions in an attractive interface. You can easily add new custom content and modifications from anywhere in your computer using the Add CC button and manage all its existing modifications in folders.

However, the best part of Gametimedev’s mod manager is its miniature capacity. Instead of making you guess what each mod does depending on its name, mod manager of Gametimedev extracts miniatures from the Mods file to show you what is inside. If any in the file is found, this mod manager will even look for relevant miniatures on the Internet.


  • Miniature images eliminate mods management conjectures
  • Install Mods from anywhere in your computer
  • Modern and attractive user interface


  • No Support for Subcarpetas
  • Without drag and release installation (Note: Some above reviews show this function in the Gametimedev interface, but is not active in the current downloadable version).

What mod manager is better: Gametimedev or Raxdiam?

While Gametimedev and Raxdiam have created each one a Sims 4 mod manager that is easy to use and is full of useful functions, Gametimedev’s miniatures functionality makes it the best utilities administrator in general . Both programs facilitate the installation, activation and deactivation of mods and personalized content, but the miniatures of the Gametimedev mod manager eliminate the conjectures of the process.

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