A Steam game developer gets angry from the Steam bulletin board of his work.
 Repeat violation of the rules and dispose of from Valve

A Steam game developer gets angry from the Steam bulletin board of his work. Repeat violation of the rules and dispose of from Valve

It seems that the developer who is distributing the game at Steam has been temporarily banned from the Steam community (such as a bulletin board) of his work. Overseas media The Gamer and others report.

Nicholas John Leonhard Gorissen was the developer who received the ban. He is a developer of Dolphin Barn Incorporated, who worked on the Sweetter Training Simulation Game Domina . He is known for his controversy, saying, Remove the mask in Domina’s patch note, saying remove the mask and has nothing to do with the game.

GORISSEN said on August 13 that Steam’s support team was banned from the Domina Steam community. The Steam community contains bulletin boards, etc., where developers can communicate with users. The disposal is limited to a limited time until August 19.

According to a message from the support team shown, BAN wrote twice that violated the posting rules guidelines. He said he had posted to insult or degrade other users. He also pointed out that he had repeatedly sent a rant message when he banned the user from the community. Support teams have warned that business relationships with Valve would adversely affect the rules guidelines in the future.

In response to this, GORISSEN posted his impressions on the new spage of Domina. He states, It’s a sad and stupid company to ban their opinions while gathering a lot of money from developers, and put down Steam and Valve with more dirty words.

GORISSEN had been controversial before this case. The trigger was in the patch note that I mentioned at the beginning of this article. In the DOMINA patch note posted in March this year, bug correction and balance adjustment of the work were explained, but Gorissen claimed to be take off the fckn masks. Is expanded. He said, I like a confident man. I don’t like a man who is scared and hidden, he called for to stop wearing a mask.

Perhaps GORISSEN has been encouraged by the government and medical institutions as the new colon virus is spreading, and he wanted to express his opposition. However, the method of sneaking in patch notes into patch notes, given a rational example, has been greatly criticized. DOMINA was a review of a review, and many unpopular (related article).

Since this event, GORISSEN has often argued with users on Steam’s bulletin boards. He often made aggressive and provocative comments, and some of those posts violated the Steam community rules guidelines. As a result, it was a very unusual development that the developer was banned from his Steam community.

However, this may have been a matter of time. This is because the official Twitter account of DOMINA is currently frozen, and the BANDCAMP, which sold songs produced by GORISSEN, has recently been banned. Both are unknown, but it is certain that Gorissen violated some rules. He seemed to be unable to calmly deal with his criticism and different opinions, which seemed to be a disaster and banned here and there.

The BAN period from GORISSEN’s STEAM community has already ended, but no new posts have been made at this time. GORISSEN seems to be distrustful of Valve in response to the above-mentioned review bombing and this BAN disposal. He commented on Domina, saying, If you have a complaint, tell Gabe Newell (if you have a complaint).

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