How to tame a fox in minecraft (2022)

How to tame a fox in minecraft (2022)

Foxes are funny and unique animals that can be found in fairly rare Minecraft biomes. Although they are not very useful, you can also add one to your menagerie so that you have a whole batch of different types of animals hanging around your base. This will be a delightful addition, but making it fulfill your orders can be a little more complicated than you think!

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How to tame a fox step by step in minecraft

Where to find foxes in the Biom Taiga in Minecraft

How to make two foxes together in minecraft

How to breed a fox in minecraft

How to bring a fox home in Minecraft

Minecraft Fox FAQ

Will the fox follow you in Minecraft?

How to get a white fox in minecraft

Is it possible to force a fox to sit in minecraft?

What do foxes eat in minecraft?

What objects can foxes in minecraft keep?

How to tame a fox step by step in minecraft

To tame a fox in minecraft, you must first find a couple of foxes in a taiga bioma and dilute them. However, the fox will not trust you if it appears in the wild, so you need to block it so that it does not run away so that you can get a fox. As soon as you have two foxes, give each sweet berry to make them mate. The fox that appeared from this will be tamed.

This is a good idea to bring bring as well as nominal label together on your trips to get a fox. Thus, you can monitor which fox belongs to you, and you can easily return it to where you want it to hang out. You need to use a tag with a name on an anvil and have a finished name. After you mark it, you can mark the fox in the game as soon as it appears.

where to find a fox in the Biom Taiga in Minecraft

Fox can be found in forest biomes, such as taiga , giant Taiga Tree and also snow taiga or in villages in these areas. Foxes can be found sleeping in the forest in the forest or looking for a shaded place for relaxation. Sometimes they go to the villages at night, where sometimes you can see how they steal the crop, dropped by rural inhabitants. They are much more active in the late hours, so they are easier to find during the day.

If you do not mind using Minecraft commands, you can use them to help you. It is called /locatebiome, and it will give you the coordinates of the nearest bioma of the type that you want to find. Thus, in this case you must enter /locatebiome minecraft: taiga and he will inform you of the coordinates that you need to go.

how to put together two foxes together in minecraft

Usually you come across a couple of foxes in the group. Sometimes this group will be a baby and adult fox . It doesn’t matter much, you just need to find two foxes. Smell to them and place 2-high box around them so that they could not run away. If one of them is a baby, wait until he is finally an adult.

how to make a fox in minecraft

If you want to make a fox inside your wall, you need sweet berries. You can find sweet berries on the ground located in the bushes inside the taiga biomes in Minecraft. Be careful near these bushes, as they have spikes, they will cause you damage and slow you if you try to run through them. Nevertheless, as soon as you have at least two sweet berries , you can feed each fox, and it will create a fox. This fox will now trust you and not run away from you, like other foxes. However, while he is still a child, he will follow adult foxes if they run away! It can be useful to have a tag with a name with you to name the just created fox so that you do not mix it up with others.

How to bring a fox home in Minecraft


If you want to return your fox to your base, you must make and use a leash. You can create a leash with four strings and one mucus ball using pattern shown below. After creating a leash, attach it to the fox just created and bring it home.

Minecraft Fox FAQ

Here are a few common questions that you may have about the foxes in Minecraft:

will the fox follow you in Minecraft?

The foxes will not follow you, even when tamed , but they will not run away from you when you are near, like wild foxes. If you want the fox to follow you, you will need to use a leash.

how to get a white fox in minecraft

White foxes are a unique version of the fox, which can only be found in the biomass of the snow taiga or in the village of Snow Taiga. They demonstrate the same behavior as ordinary foxes, and they can be tamed in also . If you are in creative mode, then you undoubtedly found that only fox eggs are available in the game to make foxes. The fox invitation eggs usually generate a regular fox, so if you are looking for a snowy option, you need to do something else. You must go to BIOM of the Snow Taiga and throw an egg there so that it appears.

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Can I force the fox to sit in minecraft?

You cannot specifically force the fox to sit like a wolf, so it is quite difficult to tie them to one place. Instead, you can use a leash to keep them attached to the fence if you do not want them to go too far. Sometimes they will sit at all or on a leash.

What do foxes eat in minecraft?

Foxes will eat only technically sweet berries . This is the food that attracts them, so you will need to find them in a taiga bioma, where foxes spawn. Be careful with them, they have spikes, and they will harm you! They also slow down you if you run through their site, so be sure to deviate from them if you try to run away from something. The foxes will attack chickens if they find themselves nearby, but they will not eat chicken, if you try to give it to them.

What objects can foxes in minecraft keep?

Foxes have a low chance of spawning, holding an object in the mouth! Look at all the possible items that you can find:

  • Egg
  • Emerald
  • Feather
  • Leather
  • Rabbit skin
  • Rabbit foot
  • Wheat

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