The new Alone in The Dark is official and puts gallinas skin with its trailer;
 This is the return of a myth of terror

The new Alone in The Dark is official and puts gallinas skin with its trailer; This is the return of a myth of terror

When we talk about V Ideojuegos de Terror , they usually come to the forefront proper names such Ideojuegos Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Project Zero, among others. The genre hIdeojuegos evolved over time and developers have been able to understand it in many ways, but there is a saga that everyone owes much: Alone in the Dark, which hIdeojuegos just confirmed a new installment for PC and consoles that will arrive that will arrive Soon (not determined date) .


Ideojuegos stated this morning, the story runs on account of a golden pen: Mikael Hedberg, writer of Frictional Games and author of the scripts of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Soma, one of the adventures of more laureate science fiction in recent years. The game is a A Reimagination Original work , so the protagonists will be Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby.

The father of Survival Horror, inspired by Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe

Ideojuegos much Ideojuegos the years go by, it will be very difficult for us to forget the moment in which, back in 1992 , we first went into the Louisiana derceto mansion. In the skin of Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood, we had the mission of investigating the mysterious suicide of the owner of the farm. Of course, we knew that something dark hid behind the cIdeojuegose. Everything that happened below is history.

The infotramal game sat the foundations of the Survival Traditional horror for which the most popular names in the history of gender later bet. A saga that had up to 3 deliveries in the 90s, and subsequently the acclaimed Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare in 2001. With the pIdeojuegossage of time, in 2008 a controversial reboot wIdeojuegos launched by the hand of Eden Games, And in 2015, a spin-off (Alone in the Dark: illumination) of which franchise fans prefer not to speak too much; It hIdeojuegos a 19 in Metacritic… for that reIdeojuegoson, is worthy of celebrating that we are facing the return of an authentic legend of terror .

Alone in The Dark will be releIdeojuegosed soon (pending date to specify) on PC and consoles.

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