To the popular online FPS A.V.A Steam version.
 NEOWIZ himself will be publishing and a play test

To the popular online FPS A.V.A Steam version. NEOWIZ himself will be publishing and a play test

NEOWIZ seems to be planning to distribute the Steam version of A.V.A (Alliance of Valiant Arms) . Currently, the store page is released. According to the page, the distribution schedule is soon.

A.V.A is a free online FPS game with basic play that started official service in 2010. Players will be divided into EU (European Union) and NRF (NEO Russian Federation), and will play with up to 32 people in one room. Game-on provides services for domestic domestic.

Players can select troops from pointman, rifleman, and sniper. Each has different mobility and defense, and there are differences in the skills that can be acquired. Therefore, the acquisition of skills will further enable the individuality of the soldiers. In addition, a system in which the power of shooting by distance is attenuated. Soldiers other than snipers are equipped with a helmet, so the headshot is also characterized by not always death.

Various rules include various rules, such as Annihilation, a TDM (Team Deathmatch) in other FPS, and Demolution, which competes for bombs with a round system.

This work is a very popular title, with the total number of players exceeding 2 million in 2015. Combined with the basic play free, it has been popular with many users. This work has been distributed on Steam this time. Looking at the store page, it seems that the redesigned features of the function can be expected. Publisher will be NEOWIZ, who is currently operating this work. The company is also a game-on parent company.

In the Steam version, play tests will be held in the game mode of Annihilation, Demolution, and Breach in the future. The map list at the time of the test has also been released.

A.V.A (Alliance of Valiant Arms) is being distributed to PCs on the platform PMANG provided by Game-on. For Steam, it will be distributed from NEOWIZ.

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