Parents condemn Disney Plus for putting Deadpool and Logan

Parents condemn Disney Plus for putting Deadpool and Logan

Yesterday Disney issued a statement that moved fans of Marvel, since the arrival of Deadpool movies was confirmed as well as Logan** on their platform of streaming This was almost impossible due to their classification, and precisely because of that, a certain part of the public does not agree with the inclusions.

Now the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) is criticizing the supplier for breaking a promise he made at the launch. Stating that it would be contained for the whole family, the president of the association, Tim Winter , commented on the following:


Three years ago, Walt Disney Company made a promise to families: there are no films with R Disney+classification, they said. It is a family-centered platform, they said. We have Hulu for our most avant-garde adult rate, they said. It turns out that they were lying to us. After decades of corporate brilliance establishing itself as the most reliable brand in the world for families, the current C level c suite in Disney has decided to throw everything for the toilet.

Although Disney+ points to the subscribers their parental controls, the mere presence of content with classification R and TV-ma violates the trust and sensitivity of families. What took decades to build now just take months to delete. Someday, in the not too distant future, business schools will remember this abrupt change of corporate sense while analyzing what happened to the other great Walt Disney Company. And meanwhile, families will continue to be unfortunately disregarded by Hollywood.

It is worth mentioning that these films only reached the regions where Disney Plus encompasses the content with Star . Since in Latin America there is a separate service for series and movies.

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