Choi Dong -won implemented with meta human technology… Comampya V22, Makeing Film Release

[Legend Choi Moon Young-soo] Com2uS (CEO Jae-jun Song, Lee Joo-hwan) unveiled the May King Film of the promotional video that gathered the topic by reproducing Choi Dong-won as a meta-human technology.

Com2uS has launched ‘KBO Legend’ Choi Dong-won as a representative face of the game with the launch of the new ‘Com2us Pro Baseball V22’ in April.

The company has been able to meet the active appearance of Choi Dong-won’s active career through a promotional video using Meta Human production technology and 3D rendering techniques.

The making film contains the promotional production process and behind-the-scenes story, and in the ‘2022 KBO League All-Star Game’ held on the 16th, it was also used in the scene of Choi Dong-won, who was selected as one of the 40th anniversary legend top four. I did it.

The video starts with a message that we summon Legend Choi Dong-won to commemorate KBO’s 40th anniversary and the birth of ‘Comla V22’ in about 4 minutes. Since then, Choi Dong-won’s life broadcasting activities, interviews, and private collections were extracted and voice data was analyzed.

In addition, Choi Dong-won, who was difficult to imitate, was selected as a baseball player who was similar to the deceased’s body structure to realize the pitching form. It is also implemented in 1984 as a 6-hour makeup based on 104 videos and 1,800 photographic data.

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