WhatsApp emojis are being expanded: Users expect unlimited possibilities

WhatsApp emojis are being expanded: Users expect unlimited possibilities

WhatsApp has planned new things in the emojis area. The released date is not yet known, but Zuckerberg is already posting it and reveals more.

Munich/Dortmund-WhatsApp is still the most popular messenger service. Trans-generational, WhatsApp is used in this country. In Germany alone, WhatsApp is supposed to record around 58 million users every day-and that is exactly what new emojis can look forward to.

WhatsApp: Next update is coming up-new emoji reactions come

From generation z to baby boomer to the generation until 1945 people are active on WhatsApp, writes Generation Z has the highest use with 91 percent, the lowest the generation until 1945 with 27 percent. 75 percent use the messenger for baby boomers (56-65 years).

The makers of WhatsApp are therefore continuously working on innovations and improvements. The next innovation is in the starting blocks, as reports. An existing function will be expanded for this. Users should soon be able to react to messages with any available emoji (more digital news at WhatsApp).

WhatsApp with new reactions-thumbs up and heart soon no longer the only ones

Mark Zuckerber, founder and chairman of the company Meta Platform and founder of the social network Facebook belonging to Meta, this innovation is even worth a mail. We’Re Rolling Out the Ability to use any emoji as a reaction on WhatsApp, he writes on Facebook.

So far you have been able to react to the news with only six emojis. Thumbs up, heart, laughing, amazed, crying emoji and the folded hands.

The whole world of small characters and figures should be available promptly over a small plus in the reaction bar. Users should then be able to choose which reaction is the right one as you wish. There are no limits to the imagination.

New WhatsApp Feature: Zuckerberg chats and reveals his favorites

WhatsApp tested the new feature for some selected beta users. Soon it will be rolled out for all users. If you cannot see or use the function yet, you have to be patient. Because even if Zuckerberg has announced the release of the function for everyone, it can take some time before it is also available for all WhatsApp accounts.

But it can’t take a long time, because not only Zuckerberg itself has announced the WhatsApp update, the news has also been officially published on the Twitter channel. Here it also becomes clear that WhatsApp has reacted to the wishes of the millions of users with the expansion.

But what people can already know are six of Facebook’s personal reaction favorites: robot head, fries, surfers, smiley with sunglasses, ghetto fist and the red 100.


Rubric list picture: © Silas Stein/Imago; Yay images/imago; Collage: Sabrina Wagner/WhatsApp

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