Sims 4 gallery does not work and does not connect to fix

Sims 4 gallery does not work and does not connect to fix

If the SIMS 4 gallery does not work or does not connect to the Internet, you must try the series Actions to eliminate problems . Continue to take steps to eliminate problems, and ultimately you will find one correction that will solve the problem. Nevertheless, we recommend trying the following steps to fix the non-working Sims 4 Gallery:

  • Add Sims 4 as an exception to Windows firewall.
  • Disable Origin in the game
  • Launch Origin on behalf of the administrator
  • Delete mods
  • Restore the game
  • Restart the game
  • Reload the computer

  • Clear Kesh Sims 4

Before trying to perform any additional steps from this list, we recommend starting with simple steps. In short, start with the restart of both game and PC then Removing any mods Perhaps you installed. This is a quick way to see whether any simple corrections of the problem with the SIMS 4 gallery solve, which does not work or is associated with the connection error.

How to add Sims 4 as an exception to the Windows firewall

One of the reasons why your Sims 4 Gallery does not work is that your firewall blocks it. To solve this problem, you must add the game to the exclusion of your firewall. Start with the opening of any firemower you use, for example Brandmauer of the Windows defender . When opening any firewall, it should be possible to resolve the function through the firewall. For Windows defender, you need to find allow the application or function through the Windows defender firewall ** option. Using this option, you must allow Origin and The Sims 4 through the firewall. After that, the Sims 4 Gallery should work on your PC after starting the game.

How to disable Origin in the game

Another step in eliminating the malfunctions that you need to try when trying to fix the Sims 4 gallery is to turn off origin in the game . Players can turn off Origin in the game by going to their game library and Click with the right mouse button on Sims 4. By clicking on the Sims 4 with the right mouse button, open the Properties of the game and remove the Origin in the game box.

How to launch Origin on behalf of the administrator

To start Origin on behalf of the administrator, enter Origin in the field Windows search panel in the lower left corner of the screen. After that, the Origin application will appear in the search results. When the Origin application appears, click it with the right mouse button and find run on behalf of the administrator option. After starting the application on behalf of the administrator, launch the SIMS 4 and see if the SIMS 4 gallery works again.

How to fix Sims 4

To restore Sims 4, click the game in the Origin application with the right mouse button. But before that, we recommend moving mods of mods to a safe place. Nevertheless, when your mods are safe, click the game with your right mouse button, find repairs , and run it. After the recovery process is completed, your Sims 4 Gallery should work again.

how to clean the cache sims 4

To clean the Sims 4 cache, you must find a game folder in the documents. Inside the SIMS 4 document folder, you must delete localThumbcache.package file. Removing this file will clean the Sims 4 cache and will allow your gallery to connect again.

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